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College and Career Readiness
Students pose at college nightcollege and career readiness
The Goose Creek CISD College and Career Readiness Department is committed to providing higher education access to all students and works closely with campuses and other district departments to create and maintain a college-going culture throughout the district. Students and parents are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, connect with others about post-secondary opportunities, and begin preparing for college early. College and career readiness is a focus, as we continue to work closely with our higher education partners and local businesses to prepare our students for post-secondary success. By definition, a student who is ready for college and career can qualify for and succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing college courses leading to a degree or certificate, or career pathway training program without the need for remedial or developmental coursework.
College & Career Readiness Centers
An integral part of the GCCISD Guidance and Counseling Department, the College and Career Readiness Centers (CCR Centers) are a resource on each comprehensive high school campus for students and parents.

The CCR Centers provide assistance with just about anything related to plans for life after high school including:
  • Course planning and advising
  • College admission requirements
  • Dual Credit requirements and enrollment
  • College application assistance
  • NCAA Scholarship information/assistance
  • Career information and exploration
  • Financial Aid information/assistance
  • Resume and Essay Writing
  • Advanced Placement testing information
  • ACT/SAT prep information and resources
  • College Readiness information ACT/SAT/TSI
  • College testing registration and fee waivers
The CCR Centers serves as a main source of information on the college admissions process and career planning. The centers have numerous resources on scholarships, college visits, college financial aid, testing, jobs, summer enrichment programs and volunteer opportunities. Remember to access Naviance it is a great tool for college/career exploration, research, and planning. 

GC Memorial HS

6001 E. Wallisville Rd.
Baytown, Texas 77521


Georgia Lovell
College & Career Readiness Counselor (Lead)


Lisa Dunn 
College & Career Readiness Clerk

Robert E. Lee HS

1809 Market Street
Baytown, Texas 77520


Jennifer Guillory
College & Career Readiness Counselor


Lisa Segura
College & Career Readiness Clerk

Ross S. Sterling HS

300 W. Baker Rd.
Baytown, Texas 77521


Brandy Onken
College & Career Readiness Counselor (Lead)


Tracey Riffle
College & Career Readiness Clerk

college go by the college board

CollegeGo app guides you through the essential steps to find,  apply to, and attend the college that’s right for you. With an interactive interface the app provides game, video, and search features to help you plan your college journey.

HARN Summer Search Series

The Houston Area Recruiter’s Network hosts a Summer Search Series to provide you with all of the information you need to navigate the college search.  Please join them for one of these great events to learn more about admissions, academics, housing, financial aid, student life, and other important topics for prospective students to consider as you begin your journey.

Get Ready for College and Career!
 lets you assess your readiness for college math, see study options, and get a personalized study path to fill in knowledge gaps.  Don't let college placement exams hold you back.  EdReady  can help you avoid spending extra time and money in remedial college classes.    Use   EdReady  to assess and improve your math skills, ensuring you are prepared for the college you want to attend.

Sign up for the CollegeSTEPS Program Today

Sign up you will receive helpful information on topics such as study tips, securing financial aid, and managing your money.  Parents can also sign up to receive valuable tools and tips.

digital illustration of student riding bike through campus

Know How 2 Go-find resources to help you navigate the college admissions process.

KnowHow2GO  is a campaign designed to encourage students and veterans to prepare for college. Explore the site to learn more about the steps you need to take to be college-ready.

The planning guide provides students and families with tips on how to plan for college. 
With the "Are You Ready for College?" planning guides, you will get detailed, interactive tips and 
how-to's on using Family Connection. The guide features timely, relatable articles for high school students preparing for college. Topics include:
  • Real Talk: Maximizing the Student-Counselor Relationship
  • Helpful Hints: Where to Turn for Valuable College Tools and Advice
  • Check It: Timeline for College-Bound Students
  • You Own This! Taking Charge of Your College Quest
  • Finding Your Fit
  • College Cash: What You Need to Know
  • Major Misconceptions: What’s the Connection between Degree and Career?


CollegeXpress Logo

Good advice in the “Admissions Advice” Section.  Tips on writing the application essay can be found in the Information Category “Getting There.”

College Search   – Select a college based upon preferences, find information on college admissions and apply online, estimate costs of education, search for scholarships, parent information, student bulletin board for asking questions

Scholarships – Fill out a form to search for scholarships

Student Loans – Find out information about loans


Don't Let Anything Stand in Your Way-"My Degree Counts" provides resources to help you continue your education. Start today by clicking this link. 

Research has continuously shown that a college education pays. By 2020, there will be 123 million
high-skill, high-pay jobs available in the U.S., but only 50 million Americans with the right skills and 
education to fill them.  As it stands, Houston ranks 94th among the largest 100 metropolitan areas in 
matching jobs needed to degrees granted. In order to keep Houston’s economy thriving, we need to
ensure that our citizens are pursuing higher education and attaining the degrees necessary to secure our status as one of the world’s best places to live and work. 

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