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Nutrition Services

Congratulations to the winners of Chef Kylie's 2016-17

Healthy Holiday Recipes contest!

Top row, from the left: Evyn Edwards (Austin); Asana Gordon (Austin); Ariana Lizette Loy (San Jacinto); Jason Wheelock (Highlands); Chef Kylie Sobczak.

Bottom row, from the left: Briyana James (Harlem); Madeline Gomez (Alamo); Madalynn Blackburn (Travis); Viridiana Nunez (Banuelos); Kyilee Whittington (Clark).

Not pictured: Alejandra Herrera (Ashbel Smith)

The fourth and fifth grade students pictured above were selected as the "Top Chef" at their school. They were invited to present their Healthy Holiday Recipes to the Goose Creek CISD Board of Trustees prior to the December 12 meeting. To view or print the recipes, please click here.

Special congratulations go to Asana Gordon, below. She won the Grand Prize for her “Lightened-Up Lemon Cherry Pound Cake” recipe, which was served to the school board for dessert. 






Baytown's own Chef Kylie Sobczak raises the bar

Chef Kylie Sobczak was born and raised in Baytown. She attended Harlem, Austin, Gentry Junior and Sterling High School, graduating in 2007. She attended Lee College, and then enrolled in the Culinary Institute LeNotre in Houston.  She joined GCCISD Nutrition Services in August, 2014.

  “I like cooking and I like being creative,” said Kylie. “This is a great way to do both — because  everybody eats.”

  Kylie grew up in a house where everyone cooked — both mom and dad and the kids. “I learned how to make gumbo, chicken and dumplings, fajitas, and we did a lot of grilling,” she said.

  She is excited to work in her hometown. Kylie grew up around teachers because her mother (Lenay Peloquin ) taught in the Goose Creek CISD at Austin Elementary and Gentry Junior.

  “I am really excited to be able to work with kids this way,” said Kylie. “Kids are so excited about food and activities and they generally appreciate being fed. School lunch has already come a long way from when I was in school. I’d like to be a part of the next step of making lunch even more nutritious and tasty!”


Chef Kylie loves teaching kids about cooking and healthy eating, so let us know if you would like her to visit your classroom or club someday!



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