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Nutrition Services

Front Row: Director Natalie Edwards and Suellen Lambert

Second Row: Nora Rocha, Nelda Christian, Amy George

Third Row: Esmeralda Andrade, Kylie Peloquin, Irma Tyler, Dina McCartney, Marlon Hilyer, Maria Ramos, Chelsea Arkadie

Back Row: Michelle Ojeda, Timothy Tran, Susan Rosales

Front Office 281-420-4640
Director Natalie Edwards  281-707-3384
Ass't Director Timothy Tran 281-707-3538
Community Outreach/Marketing Amy George 281-707-3430
Registered Dietitian Chelsea Arkadie 281-707-3230
Chef Manager Franchesca Bland 281-707-3693
Supervisor Elementary Schools Michelle Ojeda 281-707-3670
Supervisor Elementary Schools Suellen Lambert 281-707-3546
Supervisor Secondary Schools Dina McCartney 281-707-3600
Purchasing Susan Rosales 281-707-3761
Human Resources Secretary Irma Tyler 281-707-3860
Administrative Assistant Esmeralda Andrade 281-707-3225
Clerk Nelda Christian 281-707-3320
Clerk Maria Ramos 281-707-3722
Clerk Nora Rocha 281-707-3910
Carpenter Marlon Hilyer 281-707-3484


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