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How can I help my child succeed in school?
  • Take an active role in your child's education and stay informed on their academic progress. (Parents should attend back to school meetings, orientations and especially parent-teacher conferences; check your child's grades and attendance regularly)

  • Read the school's guidelines and attendance policies. Keep the school informed when your child misses school and turn in notes to avoid unexcused absences.

  • Plan ahead to limit your child's absences and tardies

  • Make school attendance a priority by getting them to school and on time every day.

  • Check your child's classwork and review homework assignments daily.

  • Communicate with your child's teacher regularly. (call or email) This lets your child know you are aware of what happens at school and communicating with their teachers keeps you informed on their academic progress and behavior in class. Communicating with teachers also allows you to keep them informed on issues your child may be experiencing. This helps teachers better understand your child and aware of any behavioral changes in their class. They may also need extra support and encouragement during difficult times.

  • If your child appears to be upset or reluctant to attend school, schedule an appointment with your child's principal, counselor, or teacher.

  • Limit the amount of time your child misses school by making appointments after school.

  • Children need to get plenty of sleep. (minimum of 8 hours) Help them get to bed on time by turning off the T.V., phones, computers or video games early.

  • Teach them how to use an alarm clock so they can get up on time.

  • Some children pretend to be sick because they like to stay home. Encourage them to go to school and only allow them to miss school if they have a fever. This will let them know you value education and it is important to you. Express to your child going to school and getting a good education puts them in the right direction to succeed in life and seeing them graduate is one of the greatest honor and reward they can give to their family.

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