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More information about the district’s bullying policy can be found at: or the campus administration office.

*Please note that if your board adopted revisions to FFI(LOCAL) effective at the beginning of the 2012–13 school year and requested that the policy not be posted to Policy On Line until then, the revised policy may not yet be posted to Policy On Line.

If you have questions about this correspondence, please call TASB Legal Services at 800-580-5345 or TASB Policy Service at 800-580-7529.

This document is provided for educational purposes only and contains information to facilitate a general understanding of the law. It is not an exhaustive treatment of the law on this subject nor is it intended to substitute for the advice of an attorney. It is important for you to consult with the district's attorneys in order to apply these legal principles to specific fact situations.


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High Schools
First Last Position Site/School Phone Number Fax Number
Nathan Chaddick Principal Ross S. Sterling 281-420-4500 281-420-4974
Dr. Joseph Farnsworth Principal Robert E. Lee 281-420-4535 281-420-4548
Susan Jackson Principal Goose Creek Memorial 281-421-4400 281-421-4444
Laura Reyes Principal IMPACT Early College High School 281-420-4802 832-556-5781
Tricia Times Principal POINT Alternative Center 281-420-4630 281-426-2680
Michelle Verdun Principal Peter E. Hyland Learning Center 281-420-5555 281-420-4558
Junior Schools
First Last Position Site/School Phone Number Fax Number
Matt Bolinger Principal Baytown Junior 281-420-4560 281-420-4908
Michael Curl Principal Cedar Bayou Junior 281-420-4570 281-420-4569
Gary Guy Principal Highlands Junior 281-420-4695 281-426-4301
Kathryn Holland Principal George H. Gentry Junior 281-420-4590 281-420-4909
Erica Navejar Principal Horace Mann Junior 281-420-4585 281-420-4664
Elementary Schools
First Last Position Site/School Phone Number Fax Number
Beatrice Baca Principal Harlem 281-420-4910 281-426-5358
Mary Beebe Principal William B. Travis 281-420-4660 281-420-4986
Blanca G. Capetillo Principal James Bowie 281-420-4605 281-420-4609
Bart Cobb Principal G. W. Carver 281-420-4600 281-420-4983
Rachel De Leon Principal Ashbel Smith 281-420-4615 281-420-4940
Susan Griffin Principal Dr. Johnny T. Clark, Jr. 281-420-7450
Kami Hale Principal Mirabeau B. Lamar 281-420-4625 281-420-4626
Michelle James Principal David Crockett 281-420-4645 281-420-4649
Monica Juarez Principal Victoria Walker 281-421-1800 281-421-3489
Theresa Keel Principal Lorenzo De Zavala 281-420-4920 281-420-4342
Steve Livingston Principal Alamo 281-420-4595 281-420-4905
Renee Meyer Principal Dr. Antonio Banuelos 281-420-1230
Loretta Salazar Principal Bonnie P. Hopper Primary 281-420-4685 281-426-5179
Laura Smith Principal Stephen F. Austin 281-420-4620 281-420-4899
Rachel Spector-McAdam Principal San Jacinto 281-420-4670 281-420-4599
Edward Villanueva Principal Highlands 281-420-4900 281-426-5099
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