District enrollment tops 21,000
Goose Creek CISD has had increasing enrollment over the past few years, and the 2010-2011 school year is not an exception.

Just counting the students who physically were in attendance on Thursday, Sept. 9, attendance across the district was up 164 students over enrollment a year ago.

While the district-wide enrollment most likely won’t stabilize until October as students continue to filter in, indications point to enrollment going higher.

Enrollment numbers show the current total student population to be 21,040 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

This is the highest number of students ever enrolled in the school district.

Since the 2004-05 school year, Goose Creek CISD's student enrollment has grown by more than 1,713, an 8.1 percent increase.

Here is a look at Goose Creek CISD enrollment over a seven-year period:

2004-05: 19,327
2007-08: 20,253 2009-10: 20,817
2005-06: 20,121
2008-09: 20,529 2010-11: 21,040
2006-07: 20,180    

Total enrollment in the district’s 14 elementary schools is 10,500, up 84 students from last year.

Most elementary schools are experiencing increases in student enrollment: Alamo (593, up 16 students); Austin (879, up 8 students); Bowie (897, up 3 students); Crockett (737, up 42 students); Harlem (856, up 5 students); Highlands (738, up 27 students); Lamar (818, up 58 students); San Jacinto (476, up 25 students); and Travis (945, up 30 students).

There are five elementary schools with decreases in enrollment so far this year: Hopper Primary (435, down 20 students); Walker (965, down 48 students); Ashbel Smith (632, down 54 students); Carver (879, down 16 students); and De Zavala (650, down 2 students).

(The Board of Trustees voted in May to restrict some new student enrollment at Victoria Walker Elementary School, beginning with the 2010-2011 school year and subsequent school years. Some students living in the Walker attendance zone have been redirected to Crockett, Alamo and Highlands.)

Total enrollment in the district’s five junior schools is 4,623, up 36 students from last year.

Two junior schools are seeing enrollment decreases from last year: Baytown Junior (696, down 66 students) and Cedar bayou (1,009, down 11 students). Three junior schools have gained more students this year: Gentry (1,041, up 40 students); Highlands (1,124, up 54 students); and Horace Mann (736, up 2 students).

Total enrollment in the district’s three high schools is 5,917, up 44 students from last year.

Lee High School has an enrollment of 1,703, down 150; Sterling High School has an enrollment of 2,289, down 78; and Goose Creek Memorial High School enrollment is 1,707, up 54 from last year.

The district’s high school freshmen enrollment was affected by the opening of Impact Early College High School at Lee College, which has an enrollment of 107 freshmen.

See full enrollment report and class-by-class enrollment breakdown here.

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