2020-2021 Proposed Hybrid Back to School Plan

The Goose Creek CISD board of trustees voted to delay the start of school to September 8, 2020. Beginning September 8, all students will enroll in virtual instruction for the first three weeks of school. Students participating in virtual instruction are eligible to participate in extracurricular and UIL activities as long as other requirements are met.

Plan Breakdown
  • A Campus

    7:45 AM - 2:20 PM


    B Campus

    8:15 AM - 2:50 PM


    15:1 Ratio


    Attend School Daily

    [Monday - Friday]

    • Daily Specials Virtual Instruction when students are home.
    • Use all rooms: Cafeteria, gymnasium, special classrooms, library, computer lab, etc.
    • Every certified teacher teaches a group of students.
    • Teacher conference at the end of the day.
    • Students complete virtual electives at home each day.
  • Group A

    9 AM - 1 PM


    Group B

    1 PM - 5 PM


    15:1 Ratio


    Attend School Daily

    [Monday - Friday]

    • Extra-Curricular Activities:
      8 AM - 9 AM or 5 PM - 6 PM
    • Some teachers would start school later and some would leave earlier
    • 5 - 45 minute face to face classes and 2 elective virtual classes
    • Need 1:1 Devices
  • Group A

    7:15 AM - 11:25 AM


    Group B

    11:25 AM - 3:35 PM


    15:1 Ratio


    Attend School Daily

    • Extra-Curricular Activities:
      3:35 PM - 4:35 PM
    • Instruction via Google Classroom on Off Days
    • Need 1:1 Devices
  • For Students Not Returning to School

    • Students will receive Synchronous Online Learning
    • High school students may need to graduate with Multidisciplinary Endorsement
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How will virtual at home learning work?

    Students who do not attend school face to face will log into their computer during the school day and will attend the class virtually. They will attend during the same hours that all face to face students are attending. They will take a lunch break when the class does and will follow the same schedule as the face to face students. They will submit their assignments electronically and will ask questions via the computer. They will be held to the same level of accountability as all other students.

    If parents choose the 100% Virtual Learning option, can they transfer back to face to face learning? How will that affect the 15:1 ratio?

    Students will be able to switch at the end of the 6 weeks grading period. The district will work to continue to maintain the 15:1 student teacher ratio.

    Will we be able to start from home and switch to campus learning when COVID permits?

    Once things have settled down, the district will determine when to return to 100% face to face learning.

    What if I do not want my child to attend for safety reasons, but they are not progressing academically through virtually learning, will my child have additional support?

    Students will receive support through response to intervention or if they qualify for special programs. If child is struggling virtually, we may need to discuss some face to face interventions.

    How will SPED/Speech services be provided if students choose the virtual option?

    Each child will be addressed individually by looking at each student's IEP. The ARD commitee will collabatively develop a plan to implement the child's IEP.

    For Special Education students, if I choose not to send my student due to life skills; will someone come to the house?

    If the student qualifies for Homebound services, then an ARD committee would consider how to best implement the child's IEP.

    If parents chose 100% Virtual Learning option, will breakfast and lunch still be provided for those who qualify?

    The district is working on providing a grab and go option.

    For lunch in the classroom, are students expected to eat a cold lunch everyday?

    Nutrition services is working on a meal plan that can be delivered to the classroom.

    How will the rooms be sanitized between groups, and how will this occur if one group ends at the same time the next one begins?

    Teachers will be provided with sanitizing equipment to clean in between groups.

    How will I track my students attendance?

    If a child is virtual, the teacher will verify the students have logged in which shows up in the online classroom.

    If my child can social distance, do they have to keep a mask on?

    The recommendation, as of today, is that students and staff will wear masks when entering the building, walking the halls or going to any common area. When the students are social distanced in the classroom, they may take off their masks.

    What if a child tests positive for COVID-19?

    The district will follow the guidance provided by TEA and CDC. The district will provide guidance documents online when finalized.

    Why can't we have either 100% virtual or 100% face to face instruction? Why do we have to have the other classes at home?

    At this time the district is discussing a hybrid model to ensure the small class ratios to maintain social distancing.

    Why can't we follow the same virtual schedule protocol that we did in the spring so that working parents can teach their kids when they get home from work?

    The district was not accountable for attendance in the spring. The district will have to take attendance daily for our students. The district also needs to stengthen the instruction for students and ensure student learning is occuring at successful levels.

    Since summer school was cancelled, will students who needed summer school to pass be retained in the same grade?

    The students will not be penalized for not attending summer school.

    When a case of COVID is on a campus does the campus close or just the room/s exposed?

    Just the room that was exposed.

    For parents who select 100% Virtual, if they change their mind, how do they notify the campus? Are they able to go back into the Parent Portal and alert the campus?

    Students will be able to switch at the end of the 6 weeks grading period. Parents will need to contact the campus to arrange for the student to return to campus.

  • Will students still have specials if they attend school on campus?

    Specials may be in person or virtual. If specials are provided in person, additional safety protocols will be provided once approved.

    If specials are virtual will a device be provided?

    If a student needs a device, the district will provide one.

    How will you make sure elementary students meet the 136 minute requirement of P.E. per week?

    This may occur during home learning.

    Will PK be provided in a virtual setting?


  • If I choose to send my student, I’ve noticed that there are time slots for extra-curricular activities. Are there going to be sporting events, including football?

    The district will follow UIL guidelines.

    What about sports and band for high school for those students who choose 100% Virtual Learning?

    The state will provide guidance on students who are attending school virtually and the ability to participate in extracurricular activities. Once guidance is provided the district will decide if the student can participate.

    What are off days and why would there be classroom instruction on such days?

    Students will receive asynchronous instruction for classes that they do not attend face to face. For example, at the high school they may attend four classes on Monday and it is considered an off day for the other four classes. Therefore, they would use Google Classroom on those off days for asynchronous instruction.

    How will students be assigned to the AM or PM?

    High school campus principals are evaluating courses and are discussing using last name alpha to determine which group.

    Many parents are confused about the wording "multi-disciplinary studies" as the endorsement. Can more clarification be provided? Many students are stating they are already in an endorsement other that MDS; how are they effected?

    This will impact more freshman than other students. Due to virtual instruction, there are some classes that will not be offered virtually and that can affect a students endorsement completion. The default endorsement will be multidisciplinary.

    Will extracurricular be offered everyday?

    It is dependent on the program and release of UIL guidance.

  • When an employee is on a different schedule from their child, how flexible can campuses be with working with the employee to schedule?

    The district is working on ways to support staff members whose schedules conflict with their childs.