Risk Management


Vehicle Driving Policy

Risk Management Responsibility

  • Control the risk of loss in the operations of vehicles used to conduct GCCISD business.
  • Report to Goose Creek Vehicle Carrier the drivers license information of all GCCISD employees who drive Goose Creek vehicles on district business.
  • Administer the defensive driving program for employees driving GCCISD vehicles and Goose Creek CISD employees using personal owed vehicles (POV) in the course and scope of employment with the National Safety Council defensive driving program.
  • Report all Goose Creek white fleet accidents to the carrier. Bus transportation accidents are reported by the GCCISD Transportation Department.
  • Verify the Goose Creek CISD Insurance Equipment Schedule of all vehicles, buses, trailers, tractors, and other motor equipment before renewal of the vehicle liability insurance.
  • Report all purchases/sales of vehicles, buses, mowers, tractors, trailers, and other motor equipment to the carrier when information is furnished to GCCISD Risk Management.   



Goose Creek CISD Vehicle Accident Investigation Report

Addition and deletion form on Vehicles, Buses, and other equipment in GCCISD