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Dariana Zepada Torres

Dariana Zepada Torres


Dariana Zepada Torres

Giant Student of the Month

Dariana, our Giant Student of the Month for April 2021, is a junior at Sterling High School. She moved to the United States less than three years ago without knowing anyone and without knowing the language. She is described as an extremely hard worker and very determined. In her short time at Sterling, she has learned English and is now in the top 18% of her graduating class with a current GPA of 3.8. Learning a new language was not her only challenge; she was bullied at a young age and was extremely self-conscious about her dialect for a very long time. However, Dariana has a dream to become a human rights lawyer. She says, "I want to make a difference, help as many people as I can, and fight for equality. I truly believe that no matter how tall the mountain is, it cannot block the sun." She strives to help her peers and is even in the PALS class at Sterling. With the commons full of friends, family, and staff, people poured their love and appreciation for Dariana. Houston Methodist Baytown sponsors this award.

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