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Advanced Academics

Advanced Academics & Pre-Advanced Placement

What is the Pre-Advanced Placement (AP) / Advanced Placement Program?

GCCISD has an open enrollment policy for both Pre-AP and AP courses. This means that students identified as Gifted and Talented as well as those who are non-identified but highly motivated are eligible for course enrollment. The College Board's Advanced Placement Program enables students to pursue college level studies while still in high school. The district provides motivated students a large variety of courses in many subject areas. Based on a student's performance on the rigorous AP exams, students can earn credit, advanced placement, or both, for college. Please contact your student's high school counselor to determine course availability on each high school campus.



Pre-AP courses are designed to:
  • Build a rigorous curricula;
  • Promote access to AP for all students;
  • Introduce skills, concepts and assessment methods to prepare students for success in the AP program; and Strengthen curriculum and increase the academic challenge for all students.

    Pre-AP courses begin in grade 6 and continue on through courses that are traditionally taken prior to eleventh grade. Students taking Pre-AP courses should be prepared for a more challenging curriculum than that of a regular course.


    What are AP courses like?

    AP courses are introductory college courses, so they are not easy, but neither are they impossibly difficult. Compared with regular high school courses, the AP course will be more demanding. AP courses often require time outside of class and additional work but they offer a greater opportunity to master a subject and to explore it in greater depth. Students should realize that taking an AP course is a serious commitment to their studies. Teachers of the course have had extensive training in AP strategies and course preparation prior to teaching the course.


    How much college credit does an AP score garner?

    It is important to remember that each college decides how much credit to award for AP scores. Many institutions accept a grade of 3 and above. To find out what AP scores are considered acceptable by a college, contact the college's Admissions Office.


    Performance Expectations for all AP Students

    AP courses are designed to prepare students for the Advanced Placement test in the spring.


    1. All students enrolled in an Advanced Placement course must understand that the coursework will be more rigorous than regular and Pre-AP courses.
    2. The content of AP courses is dictated by the College Board's requirements. The course is designed to be taught as though the student were in a freshman level college course.


    2018-2019 Dual Credit Information

    The GCCISD dual credit enrollment/registration process for the 2018-19 school year is scheduled to begin the week of October 23, 2017. The enrollment/registration process involves several steps such as the completion of an online application, a pre-assessment, and etc. Information will be shared on each high school campus regarding details pertaining to this great opportunity. For current 8th graders who are interested in participating in dual credit courses during the 2018-19 school year, information will be shared on each junior school campus during the spring 2018 semester.


    For more information about dual credit, please see the above video.

    Duke TIP

    Students enrolled in Grade 7 who meet the eligibility requirements set by Duke University are notified by their junior school counselor during the fall semester.


    Parents are then given the information needed to register their student for the SAT exam or the ACT exam.


    Parents are also given the opportunity to register their child for the GCCISD SAT Preparatory Clinic scheduled to occur during the month of January.

    Duke Tip

    Fee information and exact dates for the prep clinic can be obtained from the junior school campus Grade 7 counselor.


    More detailed information regarding the Duke Talent Identification Program can be found on the Duke TIP website.


    Mission Statement

    In the pursuit of academic excellence and civic responsibility for every student, the GCCISD is committed to an outstanding education for every child by being a nurturing, innovative, and participatory organization that produces citizens who will successfully meet the cultural, intellectual, and social challenges of a changing world.


    State Goal For Services For Gifted Students Philosophy

    The Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District is committed to the philosophy that all children have value and worth and that all children can learn. It also recognizes that children learn in different ways, at various rates, and at different levels of mastery. A program for academically advanced students is a necessary and integral part of this commitment. The district values the potential of all children, and so is dedicated to providing developmentally appropriate instruction and activities for those students who are capable and ready to go beyond the required mastery of basic skills and essential elements.


    We believe students with gifted potential must have curriculum, which ensures mastery of basic grade level skills, but is also appropriately differentiated to allow students to reach their full potential for academic excellence. Instructional strategies should be multi-sensory and be appropriate for both age and ability. The program includes higher level thinking skills, creative and productive thinking, and opportunities for leadership. 


    Students in the Goose Creek CISD GATE Program are a part of the program for excellence expected of all students.




    • The gifted and talented students in Goose Creek CISD will be self-directed learners who relate effectively to all members of society. 
    • The gifted and talented students in Goose Creek CISD will produce innovative products through the study of advanced content and the use of critical and creative thinking skills. 
    • The gifted and talented students in Goose Creek CISD will develop creative products that address current and future needs.


    Program Objectives


    • Gifted students will conduct advanced levels of research, communicating the results in appropriate modes of expression.
    • Gifted students will develop a variety of problem solving skills resulting in creative, appropriate solutions. 
    • Gifted students will develop their potential through enrichment and acceleration. 
    • Gifted students will acquire learning skills needed to become self-directed, lifelong learners. 
    • Gifted students will develop healthy self-concepts and skills of interaction, including skills of leadership, with gifted peers, age mates, and society.





    Elementary School (grades K-5)


    Identified gifted and talented students are served on each elementary campus. They receive differentiated instruction in core content areas.



    Junior School (grades 6-8)


    Identified GATE students are served in Pre-Advanced Placement classes.



    High School (grades 9-12)


    Identified GATE students are served in Advanced Placement classes and Pre-Advanced Placement classes.



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