Why Pre-K Matters


Pre-K and kindergarten registration for the 2021-2022 school year is now open!


You could probably guess that sending a child to pre-kindergarten results in better kindergarten readiness, improved vocabulary, and enhanced reading skills.


But did you know that the benefits of Pre-K go far beyond their school years and into their adult lives? Starting at age four, nationwide studies reveal that investing early in a child’s education by sending them to pre-kindergarten yields a long list of benefits that go beyond test scores and into the very fabric of their, and our, futures.


If you are unable to register online, please call your child’s zoned campus for assistance. You can find your child’s zoned campus here: http://www.infofinderi.com/ifi/?cid=GCCI1W6KIJ41G


Pre-K Registration Required Documentation
    • Birth Certificate
    • Proof of Address
    • Parent ID
    • Immunization Record
Students receive free pre-kindergarten based on the below qualifiers determined by TEA. Click here if you are unsure if your child qualifies. Please review the required documentation for each qualifying category listed below.
  • One of the following


    • Current paycheck stub
    • Current tax return if self-employed
    • Current TANF or SNAP eligibility letter
  • One of the following


    • Verification of U.S. Department of Defense photo I.D.
    • Statement of service
    • Copy of death certificate
    • Copy of Purple Heart orders
    • Copy of official letter from commander
    • Copy of a letter from US Dept. of Veteran's Affairs
    • Documentation that service member is MIA
    • Fill out Home Language Survey (provided by school)
    • Language test will be administered to the child
    • Verification Letter of Prekindergarten Eligibility from DFPS
    • Copy of the resolution (certificate) awarded to parent of child.
Where will my child attend school?
Who to Contact
Coordinator for Early Childhood Education & Outreach Initiatives
Director of Student Services
Director of Bilingual / ESL
Director of Special Education
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Pre-K Family Engagement Plan

Goose Creek CISD will create a partnership between our PreK families, schools, and community. One of our core values is to provide a collaborative community and parental involvement, and this plan helps us achieve that goal.


Facilitate Family-to-Family Support


Support May Include:


  • Meet the Teacher
  • Open House, and Family Nights
  • Book Fair
  • Parent Conferences
  • Parent Volunteer Opportunities


Establish a Network of Community Resources


Resources May Include:


  • Backpack Buddies
  • Child Find
  • Child Nutrition Information
  • Immunization Information
  • Toys for Tots
  • Translators
  • Home Visits
  • Community Youth Specialists and Campus Student Support Specialist assistance


Increase Family Participation in Decision-Making


Opportunities May Include:


  • Campus site based decision making committee
  • District based parent committees
  • LPAC parent representative
  • IEP Meetings


Equip Families with Tools to Enhance and Extend Learning


Tools May Include:


  • Parent nights
  • Parent conferences
  • Home visits
  • Emails
  • Home learning resources
  • Screener data
  • Campus website and social media
  • Book fair
  • Weekly folders


Develop Staff Skills in Evidence-Based Practices that Support Families in Meeting Their Child’s Learning Benchmarks


Opportunities May Include:


  • Ongoing professional development for all staff in the area of cultural responsiveness
  • Develop staff skills to support families in meeting their goals
  • Gain an understanding of early intervention services and community resources to support family inquiries and needs


Evaluate Family Engagement Efforts and Use Evaluations for Continuous Improvement


Evaluations May Include:


  • End of Year Survey
  • Feedback after family nights
  • Sign in sheets from events
  • Home visit logs