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Please send all Benefits Department correspondence to: | Fax number: 346-216-3000
Benefits Department
Stephanie Myers
Vanessa Garcia
Benefits Clerk [Services Employees A-L]
Vanessa Williams
Benefits Clerk [Services Employees M-Z]
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Employee Assistance Program
Privacy Act Notification

Provider Contact Information

TRS ActiveCare Aetna
403(b) Retirement Plan
TCG Administrators
457 Retirement Plan
TCG Administrators
Accident Insurance
Basic Term Life and Group Term Life Insurance
Sun Life
Cancer Plan
Critical Illness
Dental Insurance
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
First Financial Group
Gap Insurance
Health Savings Account (HSA)
First Financial Group
Identity Theft Protection
Individual Life Insurance
Texas Life
Legal Plan
Long-term Disability
Mail Order Prescriptions
Roadside Assistance
Fortegra Plus Motor Club
Short-term Disability
Vision Insurance
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Benefits Enrollment

Navigation for Enrollment

  • When you enter the site, use the User Name and Password you established previously to start the enrollment process. If you are a first-time user, please click Register and proceed. If you have forgotten your User Name or Password, click Forgot Your Password.


    Your company key is gccisd (case sensitive).

    Login to Benefit Solver
  • Click Start Here


    You may go to the Reference Center to get more details on the available plans. You can view provider directories for the dental and vision plans if you would like to see the available network providers.

    Click Start Here in Benefits Solver
  • Click Start Enrollment


    The next screen contains text regarding the upcoming changes important benefits dates. Please read the text and click Start Enrollment at the bottom of the page to proceed.

    Click Start Enrollment
  • You will need to go through each benefit to select or waive each plan this year. After you have completed all the benefits you will be directed to the "Review Enrollment" page. You are still able to make a change to a benefit there also, click Edit to the right of the benefit you wish to change or elect. After you review your benefits, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Next.
    Click Edit to Make Changes
  • When finished making your benefit change, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next. You will advance to the review page.
    Click Next to Advance to Review Page
  • When you are finished reviewing your enrollment and making changes, click Approve at the bottom or top of the Review Enrollment page. Continue to the last step on the next page. On the next screen click I Agree, and then click Print for a summary of your chosen benefits.
    Once content with choices, select approve.
    Select I Agree
TCG Benefits Logo

This is an outline of benefits only. If there is a conflict between the terms of this outline of benefits and the contract, the terms of the contract will prevail.


Source: TCG Benefits. (n.d.) Navigation for Enrollment. Austin, TX: TCG Benefits.

Benefit Options

  • Vision—Ameritas
    • $10 co-pay for eye exam
    • $10 co-pay for eyeglass basic lenses
    • $180 frame allowance OR $180 contact lens allowance
    • Frequency of benefit: Exam—once every 12 months; lenses or contact lenses— once every 12 months; frame—once every 12 months
    • Must choose an in-network provider for less out-of-pocket expense
    • Employees will receive ID cards via USPS
  • Accident Plan - Metlife

    This plan is designed to help you cope with the costs associated with unexpected accidents. Despite having health insurance, out-of-pocket costs may add up quickly when you factor in expenses like co-payments and deductibles.


    Critical Illness Plan - AFLAC

    Receiving news that you’ve been diagnosed with a critical illness can impact your financial and emotional stability. Paying for treatment can be costly and your savings may not cover everything. These plans are designed to help you through the illness.


    Cancer Plan - Allstate

    If you are suddenly diagnosed with cancer, it might present a challenge to your family’s financial and emotional stability. This plan can help provide financial security as you undergo treatment and are not able to work.


    Legal Plan - ARAG

    This plan can give you the peace of mind to know that you have access to legal assistance for qualifying services when you need it.


    Motor Club - Fortegra

    This plan provides participants with roadside assistance benefits such as help with a battery jumpstart, change of a tire, locksmith services, and many more.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

    Flexible spending is medical reimbursement account that allows you to set aside money from your paycheck to use for medical, dental, vision, and prescription cost for you and your dependents. Maximum benefit amount per year is $2600.


    If funds are not used by 08/31/2018, you lose them.


    Dependent Care Account

    Dependent reimbursement account allows you to set aside money from your paycheck to use for child care expenses for children up to age 13, or disabled dependents.


    If funds are not used by 08/31/2018, you lose them.


    Health Savings Account (HSA)

    Employee only coverage

    Medical reimbursement account that allows you to set aside money from your paycheck to use for medical, dental, vision, and prescription cost for you. Maximum bene t amount per year is $3400.


    Account balance will rollover from year to year.


    Family coverage

    Medical reimbursement account that allows you to set aside money from your paycheck to use for medical, dental, vision, and prescription cost for you. Maximum bene t amount per year is $6750.

  • DHMO - Humana

    • No claim forms
    • No deductibles
    • No pre-existing conditions
    • No annual maximum
    • Must choose from the Directory of Dentists
    • Orthodontia coverage for up to 24-months
    • New enrollees will receive ID card via USPS


    PPO - Humana

    • Freedom to choose dentists in- or out-of-network
    • Out-of-pocket costs are lower if you chose from the Preferred Provider list of “in-network” dentists
    • Annual deductible of $50 per individual; $150 per family; annual maximum benefit of $1,500 per person per year
    • Preventive care (e.g., cleaning, exams) is paid at 100% and not subject to the deductible
    • Basic restorative care (e.g., x-rays, fillings, gum treatments) is paid at 80% up to annual maximum
    • Major services are covered at 50% up to annual maximum
    • Twelve-month waiting period for major services
    • Orthodontia lifetime maximum of $1,000, for eligible dependents under age 19
  • Life Insurance - SunLife Group Term

    • Coverage available for spouse and child(ren) ONLY if you have coverage for yourself
    • For amounts of coverage still in underwriting after September 1, 2017, the effective date of coverage will be the first day of the month following the date of approval by Sun Life
    • This policy has age-banded rates for employees, spouse and children. The policy will age the insured as of their age on September 1 of each year and rates will be based on your age-band for that plan year


    Life Insurance - Texas Life Whole Life

    • Express Issue coverage available for employee, spouse, child(ren) and grandchildren
    • Chronic Illness Rider – the policyholder is eligible to withdraw 92% of the face value to help cover the cost of unexpected expenses caused by long term care facilities and in home nursing. See brochure in Reference Center for details.
    • Employees age 49 and under: eligible to receive up to $300,000 Express Issue
    • Employees age 50-65: eligible to receive up to $100,000 Express Issue
    • Spousal express issue coverage up to $50,000, varies based on spouse age.
    • Additional coverage amounts available subject to medical underwriting and approval.
    • Child(ren) and Grandchildren eligible to receive up to $50,000
  • Short Term Disability—Unum

    • Pays 60% of salary up to $1,250 per week
    • Guaranteed issue coverage for everyone, pre-existing may apply
    • Policy pays from day 8 of disability and continues up to a maximum of 90 days


    Long Term Disability—Unum

    • The cost of this coverage is paid entirely by Goose Creek CISD and covers all full-time employees
    • In the event that you become sick or injured and are unable to work, disability insurance will step in to help take the place of your missing paycheck after you have been out of work for 90 days
    • Pays 60% of salary up to $5,000 per month
    • Pays after day 90, up to five years, or to age 65

Employee Resources

Employee Assistance Program

During the last two months the hurricane has definitely taken a toll on our city, our district, and our lives. There have been great efforts from our employees and community to remind us that we are Baytown Strong as we continue to rebuild. While we are rebuilding there may be additional services our employees may need to access. We would like to remind you that our District offers an Employee Assistance Program through ComPsych GuidanceResources.


The Employee Assistance Program assist you with providing services such as:

  • Confidential Counseling on Personal Concerns for up to 6 sessions per person, per problem, per year.
  • Referrals and Resources for Work-life Needs
  • Legal information, Resources and Consultation
  • Financial Information, Resource Tools
  • Free Online Will Preparation


Please note that these services are free and confidential.


Employee Assistance Program Flyer

Houston Methodist Complimentary Assistance Program

Services provided:

  • Preferred access to Houston Methodist
  • Priority primary care appointments within two business days
  • Dedicated Goose Creek liaisons to coordinate services and care


Complimentary Assistance Program Flyer


Upcoming Events

Catastrophic Sick Leave

The catastrophic sick leave bank (CSLB) is a voluntary pool of local leave days for a full-time District employee whose documented catastrophic health condition extends beyond his or her own accumulated state and local leave.


A maximum of 60 CSLB leave days may be granted in a school year.


Catastrophic illness or injury is a condition or combination of conditions that:

  1. Is life-threatening, requires 5 or more days of hospitalization or major medical treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation; and requires the services of a licensed healthcare provider throughout the period of the catastrophic leave; or
  2. Has totally physically incapacitated the individual from work; and requires the services of a licensed healthcare provider throughout the period of the catastrophic leave.


To be eligible to apply for CSLB leave, an employee must participate in the CSLB, must have used all available compensatory time and all available state, local, and/or vacation leave days, and must have been absent due to a documented catastrophic health condition for at least two consecutive workdays.

Family Medical Leave Act

FMLA requires covered employers to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to eligible employees for the following reasons:

  • For incapacity due to pregnancy, prenatal medical care or child birth;
  • To care for the employee’s child after birth, or placement for adoption or foster care;
  • To care for the employee’s spouse, son or daughter, or parent, who has a serious health condition; or
  • For a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the employee’s job.


As a requirement for FMLA, employees must be employed with the district at least 12 months prior to taking medical leave.

Temporary Disability Leave

Any full-time employee shall be eligible for temporary disability leave due to their own serious medical condition. The maximum length of temporary disability leave shall be 180 calendar days, which runs concurrent with Family Medical Leave.

Alliance Medical Centers

Goose Creek employees who have reported an injury on the job may go to their own doctor if he/she is on The Political Subdivision Workers' Compensation Alliance list of medical providers. For a complete list or to search specific doctors please go to .

Occupational Medicine-Norman Quesada M.D.

Houston Methodist San Jacinto Occupational Health Clinic

TMH Physician Associates, PLLC

dba Methodist Academic Medicine Associates

1677 West Baker Road

Baytown, TX 77521

Phone: 888-977-3319

Fax: 877-769-0320

Office Hours: 8 AM - 4 PM, Monday - Friday


(Please contact before you go)


Lorenzo Perez MD

AFC Urgent Care

American Family Care General Medicine

8831 N. Hwy 146

Baytown, TX 77523

Phone: 281.573.4100

Fax: 281.533.8354

Office Hours: 8 AM - 8 PM, Monday - Sunday

Located by I-10 and Hwy 146 Wal-Mart


(Please contact before you go)

Primary Care Clinic, Urgent Care

US Health Works

1309 W. Fairmont Pkwy., Suite S

La Porte, TX 77571

Phone: 281.470.0543

Fax: 281.470.1542

Office Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday


(Please contact before you go)


Anthony Capili MD and John Redman MD

West Chambers Medical Clinic Family Medicine

9825 Eagle Drive

Baytown, TX 77523

Phone: 281.576.0670

Fax: 281.576.0673

Office Hours: 7:15 AM - 5:30 PM, Monday - Friday

Saturday, 8 AM - 12 PM


Houston Methodist San Jacinto Emergency Room

4401 Garth Road

Baytown, TX 77521

Phone: 281.420.8600

Office Hours: Open 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that provides employees with income and medical benefits if they sustain a work-related injury or illness.


Workers' Compensation pays for work injury medical bills and replaces a portion of your lost wages. 

  • Procedures

    All principals, assistant principals, supervisors, nurses, secretaries and administration personnel are required to immediately report any on the job injury an employee reports to them, or one of which they have knowledge to their campus or department WC reporting contact. 

    Campus/department WC contacts must file the online First Report of Injury (FROI) on all incidents and injuries and ensure the following is done within 24 hours.


      Do you need help with the FROI? 

      These instructions will walk you through the process and give you answers when you are not sure.


      A FROI must be filed on all incidents or injuries regardless of loss time, medical treatment, or if employee refuses to sign or cooperate!


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