Facilities Planning and Construction 

Facilities Planning & Construction
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Brenda Garcia
Director of Facilities Planning & Construction
Bruce Riggs
Assistant Director of Facilities Planning & Construction
Theresa “Terri” Perez
Arlene Blanco-Chapa
Construction Accounting Analyst
Carl Burg
Project Manager
Ed Martir
Senior Project Manager
Jesse Garcia
Project Manager
Tom Ortman
Project Manager
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    • Education Service Center Phase 1 main lobby.

    • Education Service Center Phase 1 Special Education cubicle offices.

    • Education Service Center Fitness Center Restroom

    • Education Service Center Wellness Center-Painting is underway

    • Demolition and abatement of rear medical building is in progress.

    • Metal framing and gypsum install is completed at the 2nd floor. Ceiling grid installation is underway.

    • Education Service Center Phase 1- Floors are being prepped for vinyl flooring and millwork installation is underway.

    • Education Service Center Phase 1- Terrazzo flooring installation is being finalized, final interior painting yet to be complete.

    • Aerial view of site work underway.

    • Rough grading throughout entire site.

    • E.F. Green 1st concrete pour on 7-10-20.

    • E.F. Green Aerial view of site: Parking lot poured, concrete prep work underway for bus and parent lanes

    • E.F. Green Junior School-Foundation footing installation underway, and underground plumbing system in progress.

    • E.F. Green concrete and structural steel at academic building.

    • E.F. Green grade beam installation at Fine Arts/Athletics building.

    • E.F. Green parking lots and drives substantially complete.

    • E.F. Green structural steel continues at academic building.

    • E.F. Green Mechanical Ducts Installed

    • E.F. Green Plumbing Top-Out Progresses Student Restrooms

    • E.F. Green Beam Signing

    • E.F. Green Signed Beam Installed

    • E.F. Green JS installation of interior frames is underway

    • E.F. Green Junior School exterior frames and sheathing progress

    • E.F. Green Aerial View- lightweight concrete poured at rooftop

    • E.F. Green Installation of sheathing and waterproofing progresses

    • E.F. Green Interior metal framing continues in Building A & B

    • E.F. Green MEP systems progress on second floor

    • E.F. Green masonry installation at academic wings.

    • E.F. Green sheathing installation at Fine Arts building.

    • E.F. Green gypsum board installation progresses along corridor.

    • E.F. Green MEP systems progresses at Athletics and Fine Arts Bldg.

    • GCCISD ES No. 17-Building pad installation is complete

    • GCCISD ES No. 17 Final grading underway in preparation of concrete pour at parking lot

    • GCCISD ES No. 17- Plumbing rough-in underway throughout entire building pad

    • GCCISD E.S. no. 17 concrete pad and driveway nearly complete.

    • Junior School Running Tracks-Gentry JS-Rough grading of running track

    • Junior School Running Tracks-Horace Mann JS-Rough grading of track

    • Junior School Running Tracks-Gentry JS- Concrete curb placement underway.

    • Lee High School-Armstrong Auditorium-Rigging system currently being demolished

    • Lee High School-Armstrong Auditorium-Ticket booth framed out and new terrazzo floor installed

    • Lee High School-Armstrong Auditorium-Gypsum installation nearly complete in lobby area

    • Lee High School-Armstrong Auditorium-Tile installation complete in restroom

    • Lee HS new ceiling and sprinkler system installed throughout.

    • San Jacinto Replacement-Building pad installation is complete

    • San Jacinto ES- Moisture barrier installed in preparation of concrete pour at Area D of building pad

    • San Jacinto ES- Plumbing rough-in underway throughout entire building pad

      • Excavation of new detention pond is complete.

      • Aerial view of new queuing lane. (Caldwell St.)

      • Site Improvement-Baytown J.S. Queueing Lane and Parking

    • SCTHS Phase 3- New Greenhouse

    • SCTHS Phase 3 Overhead electrical work.

    • Exterior of Automotive Academies Building is complete.

    • Installation of new grease trap is underway.

    • SCTHS Phase 3- Cafeteria Renovations

    • SCTHS Phase IV First Floor Plan Design Progress

    • SCTHS Phase IV Second Floor Plan Design Progress

    • SCTHS Phase IV Exterior Rendering- Design Progress

    • SCTHS Phase IV Night Rendering-Design Progress

    • SCTHS Phase 3 New cafeteria dining area

    • SCTHS Phase 3 New computer lab in the West Building

    • Stuart CTHS Phase 3 Cafe/Commons area.

    • Stuart CTHS Phase 3 cafeteria.

    • Stuart CTHS Phase 3 computer lab.

    • Stuart CTHS Phase 3 Green House.

    • Stuart CTHS Phase 3 Transportation Academies Building; Auto Technology.

    • Stuart CTHS Phase 3 Veterinary Tech Lab.

    • Stuart CTHS Phase 4-Building pad installation complete

    • Stuart CTHS Phase 4-Underground site utility work is underway

    • SCTHS Phase 4-Aerial View-new concrete driveway poured; perimeter grade beams complete

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