Karen Trujillo (right), librarian at Stephen F. Austin Elementary School, registers her daughter Yulia Trujillo, sophomore at Robert E. Lee High School, for the 2014-2015 school year.
 On-line Registration Required by

Parents/Guardians of High School Students

Many parents dread the first day of school because they know they will spend hours that evening filling out the registration forms. To increase the efficiency of the student registration process for high school students, Goose Creek CISD has posted all of the necessary forms on-line.

Parents whose students will attend a Goose Creek CISD high school for the 2014-2015 school year must complete student registration forms on-line. On-line registration opened July 1st, and the directions may be accessed from the Goose Creek website.

No personal computer with Internet access? You may complete the forms on-line during your child’s designated registration date and time. Staff will be available to assist you with this process.

One requirement is that parents and guardians use their Parent Portal User ID/Password to access the student registration forms. If you have not registered for Parent Portal, you must complete the New User registration in the Parents section of the website. If you’ve forgotten you User ID/Password, you can click on Existing User to retrieve them. Through Parent Portal you may check your child’s grades and attendance as well as create notifications. Read more. . .
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