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The purpose of “The Goose Call” is to better connect parents, faculty, staff and the community at large with Goose Creek ISD by sharing a variety of stories from and about stakeholders of the district.

“The Goose Call” aims to inform, inspire and entertain people who want to know more about the inner workings of our district and how our collective efforts, as a district and a community, are helping to shape the lives of future generations.

While our guest bloggers do not necessarily represent the opinions of the district, all bloggers will have a positive story or message to share via “The Goose Call.”

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Part 2: What happens when you ask #GCCISD students questions about Christmas?

Have you heard of a reindeer named Marshall? Watch what #GCCISD kids has to say when we asked them questions about Christmas.

Part 1: What happens when you ask #GCCISD students questions about Christmas?



Kids say the funniest things! To celebrate the season, we visited elementary schools in #GCCISD and asked them questions about Christmastime and holiday traditions.


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