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Lee College Book Mobile Rolls Its Way to POINT
 Keon Baldwin has the full attention of POINT Alternative students in the Mobile Go Center.
 Photos by student Kimberly P. Coleman

Keon Baldwin has the full attention of POINT Alternative students in the Mobile Go Center.

Lee College Book Mobile Rolls Its Way to POINT

Story by student Kimberly P. Coleman

three POINT students
Lee Student Ambassador Keon Baldwin, Sterling Junior Jeremiah Hunter, and POINT Alternative Campus Principal Dr. Tricia Times in Mobile Go Center.

Decked out in its Rebel Red, the Lee College Mobile Go Center truck and trailer made its way to the Highlands – thanks to Student Ambassador Keon Baldwin, who skillfully maneuvered the double cab Ford hauling a huge trailer onto an extremely narrow driveway leading to the POINT Alternative Campus on Thursday, April 13, 2017. To promote literacy as well as to inform students about preliminary expectations for college, Baldwin entertained more than thirty students throughout the day, while simultaneously arming them with extremely valuable information.

“The Mobile Go Center is operated by the Recruitment and Career Specialist Driver,” Baldwin said. “We provide access to Capstone Interactive eBooks, laptops, and internet access to non-Lee College organizations.”

The facility was a perfect setting for students to relax in air-conditioned comfort while getting pertinent information about college admissions expectations, requirements for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) website, necessary immunizations for college as well as access to just under 600 interactive books. The trailer houses more than twelve computer stations and a wide screen display monitor at the front of the book mobile, which Baldwin used to play game show host.

“What is the Lee College mascot’s name?” Baldwin asked the high school students. Jeremiah Hunter, a junior from Ross S. Sterling high school exuberantly answered questions from his monitor and ended up winning a special prize at the end – a grab bag full of Lee College banners, pencils, pens, and other memorabilia.

Dr. Tricia Times, the POINT principal, said that she jumped at this opportunity to invite the Mobile Go Center to her campus because she felt that her students needed the chance to have books.

“You would be surprised how many of these young people have never owned a book of their own,” Times asserted while beaming with pride at the students’ excitement in the book mobile. “We may take it for granted; but for so many of my students, something as simple as having a book is a special thing. How can we expect children to develop a love of reading if they have never made it past the initial step of having reading material readily available to them at home?”

Times said that she found out about the project by being in the right place at the right time.

“I found out about the Mobile Go Center as a result of meeting with Donna Mohlman, a member of Delta Kappa Gamma,” Times said. “I expected to talk with her about getting books through a stakeholder meeting with the Legacy Program in collaboration with Academic Beginnings for Children, but Mrs. Mohlman told me about the eBooks available through the Lee College Mobile Go Center that were purchased with a $10,000 grant from the Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Foundation, She deserves to be recognized for helping to make this a reality.”


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