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Goose Creek CISD's 2018 Bond Includes Major Facility Projects

 Elementary #17 and Elementary #18 to address student population growth on the north side of the district are part of Proposition 1 of Goose Creek CISD’s 2018 Bond to be taken to voters May 5, 2018.
Elementary #17 and Elementary #18 to address student population growth on the north side of the district are part of Proposition 1 of Goose Creek CISD’s 2018 Bond to be taken to voters May 5, 2018.


Goose Creek CISD's 2018 Bond Includes Major Facility Projects


By: Susan Passmore

New facilities head the list of major construction projects recommended by the Citizens Facilities Planning Committee for inclusion in Goose Creek CISD’s Bond 2018. The committee, along with professional engineers and architects, assessed facilities and considered the results of a demographic study by Population and Survey Analysts, Inc. (PASA). The study projected 8,000 new homes in the area over the next decade, increasing Goose Creek CISD’s student population by 3,000 students.


The bond package, approved by the board of trustees to present to voters May 5, 2018, totals $437,405,000. Proposition 1, in the amount of $376,905,000 contains a new junior school, two elementary schools and a replacement campus for San Jacinto Elementary. Other major construction projects include a building for the Special Education Department and the Curriculum and Instruction Department, as well as Phase 2 and 2A of Stuart Career Tech High School (SCTHS), a practice arena for Robotics, a construction lab and front entry enhancement at Ross S. Sterling High School, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Lab renovation at two high schools, Life Skills Lab renovations, running tracks at junior schools, auditorium renovation at Robert E. Lee High School and existing building renovations based on the district’s needs.


Junior School #6 will address the growth on the north side of the district. Budgeted at $54,056,087, the 180,000-square-foot campus would have a capacity of 1,200 students to accommodate the projected junior school student growth of 800 over the next decade.


Elementary #17 and Elementary #18 also would allow the district to accommodate student population growth on the north side of the district, projected at 1,400 students by 2027. Plans are to construct Elementary #17, at a budget of $24, 696,000, on district-owned property north of Interstate 10. Elementary #18, budgeted at 28,400,000, is planned for south of Interstate 10 with completion in the final year of the bond. Both campuses would be approximately 98,000 square feet and would house 800 students.


Due to renovations to San Jacinto Mall, the Special Education Department, currently housed there, requires offices for staff as does the Curriculum and Instruction Department, which has outgrown available space at the Administration Building. The proposed 36,000-square-foot building at a budget of $10,750,000 would accommodate staff for both departments.


Stuart Career Tech High School Phase 2 would expand the remaining half of SCTHS, finishing out classrooms, upgrading restrooms to meet the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Code and replacing the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) system. This project would increase the capacity from 400 to 650 students. Phase 2A, at a budget of $22,000,000, would provide a two-level 45,000-square-foot building to host the Communications (Audio Video) Academy as well as the Information Technology Academy, increasing student capacity from 650 to 900 students. SCTHS opened in fall 2017 with freshman students only, but each year a class will be added.


The SCTHS Phase 2 project directly affects another proposed bond project, the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Lab renovation project at Sterling and Lee high schools. Budgeted at $810,000, the project would provide necessary renovations to allow the programs now at the Stuart Career Center to relocate to those schools.


Another item recommended for Proposition 1 is the Life Skills Lab Renovation Project, which involves expanding the footprint and renovating existing Life Skills Labs districtwide to meet the program’s needs. At a budget of $2,052,000, the project would give students and staff the additional room they need and ensure they have a 21st Century learning environment.


An athletic field house at Stallworth Stadium for use by district athletic teams is on the list of 2018 Bond projects. This 40,000-square-foot facility would provide locker rooms, training rooms, coaches’ offices, administration offices and meeting rooms.


A new Construction Lab at Sterling High School is in the bond referendum up for consideration by voters. At a budget of $1,100,000, the facility would replace the undersized and outdated facility with a 5,000 square foot metal building and new teaching equipment. The larger space would give Construction Technology students space to construct their projects, and updated equipment would give them the tools they need to earn NCCER credentials.


Also on the list of major construction projects is front entry enhancement of Sterling High School. This project is designed to improve the appearance of the front entry by adding a 2,000-square-foot grand foyer to assist with crowd control and security access.


Successful Robotics teams in GCCISD have created the need for a Robotics Practice Arena, another project included in the 2018 Bond. Budgeted at $1,800,000, the proposed arena would provide a 6,000- square-foot practice arena with a full-scale robotics course and classrooms.


Truly a neighborhood school, the San Jacinto Elementary campus sits on slightly more than two acres, rather than the 15 acres recommended by the state for an elementary school. Renovation would be costly and would not address many of the issues, so a replacement campus on district-owned land near its current location has been proposed. Besides providing a 21st Century learning environment, with a larger library and classrooms, this bond project would allow for adequate staff parking, a drop-off lane, a bus lane and a service lane as well as address ADA issues. The 98,000-square-foot campus, at a budget of $26,264,000, would serve 800 students.


The final major construction project in Proposition 1 is the installation of four-lane tracks at all junior schools to give students a level, smooth area for running. It also would allow them to experience the competitive aspect of running before they enter the high school sports programs. Most districts in this area have junior school tracks.


Proposition 2, totaling $60,500,000, will be considered separately from Proposition 1 by voters. This project would provide a new multi-purpose center with a sports arena to accommodate district events, such as graduation, staff training, student instruction and state/regional/area competitions and tournaments.


Early voting is available at several locations, or voters may come to the Goose Creek CISD Administration Building, 4544 Interstate 10 East, Baytown on Election Day, May 5, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. For a complete list of early voting locations, visit


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