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Bond Proposal Includes Projects to Benefit Students Involved in Extracurricular Activities

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Bond Proposal Includes Projects to Benefit Students Involved in Extracurricular Activities


By Beth Dombrowa


Studies have shown that extracurricular activities help students achieve better academically, learn valuable social and coping skills, better manage their time and build self esteem. Projects included in the 2018 bond proposal address many needs within the district to support extracurricular programs available to students. If voters approve the bond, these are some of the projects and programs that will be included:


Lee Auditorium

Built in 1958, the auditorium at Robert E. Lee High School was constructed as a Broadway production theater. Over the decades, the auditorium has been a source of pride for the campus, alumni and the community, who have attended productions such as “Hello, Dolly”, “Fiddler On The Roof” and “The Wizard of Oz” in the 18,000-square-foot theater. In recent years, after decades of use, the auditorium is badly in need of repairs due to wear and tear. Proposition 1 includes funding for auditorium repairs and restoration, including new flooring, seating, ceiling, roof, acoustic materials, stage production equipment, stage lighting, ADA upgrades and minor exterior work.


Athletic Field Lighting

All systems and components have a life span and at or near the end of their life cycle, they must be replaced. The good news is that newer-technology replacement parts can be less expensive to operate and have a longer life span. Football, baseball and softball fields at Goose Creek Memorial High School, Robert E. Lee High School and Sterling High School are in need of new lighting. The current lighting packages are energy consuming, high intensity fixtures. If Proposition 1 of the 2018 bond proposal gets voter approval, the lighting at those fields will be replaced with LED light fixtures that consume less energy and require less maintenance.


Stallworth Stadium/Athletic Field House

Stallworth Stadium

The fifth largest stadium in Texas, Stallworth Stadium has seen better days. In fact, the 16,875-seat stadium needs an estimated $7.5 million worth of work. The proposed bond package includes paving the parking lot and adding LED lighting as an additional security feature. The concession stands on both home and visitors sides of the stadium are in need of upgrades, as are exterior doors. Adding an athletic field house will provide upgraded locker rooms and office space. The restrooms at Stallworth are similar to what they were in 1969 when Stallworth was built, so updated restrooms are also included in the proposal.


Fine Arts Programs and Equipment

Every student in GCCISD experiences a fine arts program at some point in their lives, and almost 40 percent of the student population stays enrolled in fine arts throughout high school. Instruments and equipment for fine arts programs are expensive; a single tuba can cost as much as $9,000. The district provides instruments for many students who are unable to afford them. The bond proposal includes funding for every level of fine arts within the district, providing supplies for elementary music classes, instruments for junior and high school-level band and orchestra students, risers for choirs and theatrical lighting for junior and high school auditoriums.


Junior School Running Tracks

Goose Creek CISD is one of very few school districts in the area that don’t currently have running tracks at its junior high schools. Proposition 1 of the bond proposal includes adding four-lane tracks at each of the GCCISD junior schools (including junior school number six, which will be built if the voters pass the bond.) Tracks are vital to the physical education curriculum as well as student growth. The tracks will also be open to the public for community use.


Robotics Practice Arena

Robotics Team Practicing

Interest in the robotics programs has skyrocketed in the past few years, possibly attributed to the success of Team Blarglefish, which won sixth in the world competition two years ago. An elective open to all junior and high school students, robotics is also an important component of the STEM Academy housed at Lee High School. Currently, students who compete on the robotics team don’t have adequate space to practice or store the robot they build for competition every January. If Proposition 1 passes, students will have a full-scale, 6,000 –square-foot course to practice on, as well as associated classrooms, making the team more competitive and giving more students an opportunity to explore the many aspects of robotics competition.


“Contrary to other sports, students in robotics value collaboration with their competitors. This is an important ethic that helps push technological solutions for our world,” said Keith Cummings, who oversees the robotics program in GCCISD. “Our team is similar to a business. Students fit into the organization in various roles, not knowing everything, they work together to be successful.”


Athletic Turf

If voters approve the bond proposal, more student athletes and fine arts students will be able to practice their sports or performances when the weather is less than ideal. Adding turf to the high school campus baseball, softball and competition fields will ultimately save the district money on grounds expenses, including seed and fertilizer, as well as paint. The district also won’t have to open Stallworth for practice any longer when field conditions at the high schools are poor due to weather.

These are just a few of the projects or programs included in the overall bond proposal. For more details, visit


Early voting in the 2018 bond election runs April 23 – May 1 and election date is May 5. For a full list of voting locations, visit



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