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Citizens Bond Advisory Committee Wraps Up Successful Bond Oversight

 Dr. Price congratulates two other people

Photo by Carrie Pryor-Newman

Citizens Bond Advisory Committee Wraps Up Successful Bond Oversight


By Beth Dombrowa


As the 2013 bond projects come to a close, so does the work of the Citizens Bond Advisory Committee (CBAC). This all-volunteer committee assembled shortly after the last bond passed in May 2013, and has been meeting regularly to oversee the many projects included in the $267 million bond. The success of the 2013 bond, which will end on time and at about $5 million under budget, is, in part, due to the diligent oversight of the CBAC.


White establishing a CBAC is not a requirement, Goose Creek CISD has made it a practice to ask a group of local citizens to partner with district administration, as well as the bond management company, to monitor the progress of all bond projects to ensure they align with voter expectations. At monthly meetings, CBAC members discuss the status of projects, recommend changes and endorse projects plans before they go to the Board of Trustees for approval.


The current CBAC members were appointed to the committee in various ways. Some were asked by members of the Board of Trustees, others were nominated by administrators within the district. Although some CBAC members, over time, decided they could not commit to the time, the committee will close out with more than 15 active members. The CBAC has remained engaged during the design and construction phase of multiple aspects of bond projects and expenditures throughout the five-year bond cycle.


“The CBAC has devoted their time and energy over the last five years not because they like attending meetings, but because they believe in the mission of GCCISD and want our students to be educated in safe, secure environments where learning is the top priority,” said Deputy Superintendent of Operations Anthony Price. “They also understand that providing an education for more than 23,000 students involves additional support and infrastructure, such as the transportation center that was part of the last bond.”


If voters approve the 2018 bond at the May election, the district will again establish a CBAC to ensure the scope, cost, and timeline of each bond project.


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