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Bond Proposal Includes Renovations, Improvements to Stallworth Stadium

 Stallworth Stadium by day

Photos by Carrie Pryor-Newman




Bond Proposal Includes Renovations, Improvements to Stallworth Stadium


By Beth Dombrowa


Stallworth Stadium tower

While on the campaign trail on Oct. 29, 1976, President Gerald Ford stopped by Stallworth Stadium to watch a little GCCISD football. He stayed at the game long enough to see the Robert E. Lee Ganders take a 21-point lead over the Aldine-McArthur Generals, a game that eventually ended 34-0.


Since its opening in 1969, Stallworth Stadium has been a source of pride for the community it serves. Seating more than 16,500, it remains the fifth largest non-collegiate stadium in the state. It served for years as the site for the Bay Area Relay for Life. More recently, the stadium was sold out in September 2016 for the first time in years when REL and RSS played their 50th contest, drawing crowds of alumni and fans, including many players from the first game, who filled the stands to cheer for their team.


As it approaches its own 50th anniversary, Stallworth Stadium is in need of major upgrades. After hearing about the issues, the Citizens Facilities Planning Committee, which was charged with putting together the bond package before it went to the Board of Trustees for a vote, recommended earmarking funds to renovate and update the iconic stadium to bring it up to the same standard as neighboring district stadiums. Previous bonds have not included funding for the major renovations needed at Stallworth.


Renovations to Stallworth outlined in the bond proposal include paving the home and visitor sides of the stadium, getting rid of the potholes fans have complained about for years. The project would include installing lighting in the stadium parking lot; today, there is no parking lot lighting, an issue for fans and students who often leave the stadium late at night. Further, the proposal includes adding additional security hardware and intrusion alarms, as well as fencing.


If voters approve the bond, concession stands on both sides of the stadium would be upgraded to include new flooring, new equipment, new ceilings, plumbing and fixture upgrades, and a fresh coat of paint to better provide and enhance the fan experience for all visitors. After five decades of being exposed to the elements, equipment is rusted. It also needs to be brought into compliance with the latest health regulations, including more hot and cold equipment for food safety.


Another project that has been discussed for years and is slated to take place at Stallworth Stadium, is the construction of an athletic field house. Adding the field house to this site will provide a permanent home for the District’s Athletic Department administration office, upgraded locker rooms for athletes and referees, training rooms, coach’s offices, and meeting rooms.


Early voting in the 2018 bond election starts April 23 and election day is May 5.



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