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2018-2019 News and Information
Goose Egg Hunt Kicks Off GCCISD 100th Anniversary

GCCISD Communications Team Member shows off Egg Hunt Eggs

Photo by Susan Passmore


Stacy Fernandez of the Goose Creek CISD Communications Department prepares to hide platinum “goose eggs” as one of the events of the Goose Creek CISD 100th Anniversary Celebration. Community members will have the opportunity to hunt for eggs from February 22-28 and receive $100 or a $100 gift card if there is a sponsor’s name on the egg.


One of several activities highlighting Goose Creek CISD’s 100th anniversary, which will culminate in the Goose Creek CISD 100th Anniversary Celebration at Bicentennial Park April 13, is a “goose egg” hunt in the Baytown/Highlands area. Word has it that “geese,” also known as “The Geese That Laid the Platinum Eggs,” have gone wild laying 100 platinum eggs around the Baytown/Highlands area. If you find one, it might just bring you good luck or at least serve as a souvenir. However, if you find one that has a sponsor’s name on it, you will win $100 or a gift card worth $100!


The eggs will be hidden and ready for finding Friday, February 22, 2019. If you find one that has a sponsor’s name and number on it, call the sponsor by February 28th to arrange a time to take the egg to the sponsor to pick up your prize. You’ll have your picture taken with the sponsor and the egg, and the photo will be sent to us. Some of these photos will be posted on the Goose Creek CISD website and on social media, and we’ll send some to the local newspapers. Sponsors for the event include Chicken Express, El Toro Mexican Restaurant, Key Truck Sales, Patients ER and Rainforest Dental.


If you need a hint, check out parks and local attractions to find the eggs. They will not be hidden on school campuses. While you’re out there egg hunting, take a gander at the many historical sites our area has to offer. If you have any questions, please call the Goose Creek CISD Communications Department at 281-707-3629.



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