Students and Parents

Steps to Resolve Concerns


Step 1 – Contact the school staff member involved. 

This is the most important step in the process

95 percent of all problems can be resolved at this level, parents and students are encouraged to discuss the issue with the staff member at the level closest to the situation of concern. 


Step 2 – Contact the principal or program supervisor.

If the initial discussion with the staff member involved does not result in a solution to the problem, individuals should contact the administrator who is in charge of the campus or program.


Step 3 – Contact the appropriate central office supervisor.

Should the problem continue to be unresolved, parents and students should discuss the issue with the appropriate central office supervisor. Depending on the circumstance, parents have the option of completing a Level I Complaint Form.


Step 4 – Contact the Superintendent.

Situations that continue to be unresolved after discussing the issue with the staff member, principal or program supervisor, and the appropriate central office supervisor should be brought to the attention of the superintendent. He will make every effort to resolve the situation at this level.


Step 5 – Contact the School Board.

If the concern has not been resolved at any of the previous steps, parents and students may have the issue considered by the Board of Trustees by making a written request to the Superintendent.


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