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Language Arts Philosophy

Reading is a complex process in which meaning is gained from print through the reader's use of prior knowledge and learned strategies.


We, in Goose Creek ISD, are committed to providing a program that develops an appreciation and positive attitude toward reading and encourages independent life-long learners who are able to apply critical reading skills to function successfully in their world.

Goose Creek Language Arts Program

Assessment Information

K and At-Risk 1st Grade: Observation Survey Inventory

The Observation Survey assesses literacy tasks which are necessary for describing a young child's emerging reading and writing behaviors: Letter Identification, Concepts About Print, and Hearing and Recording Sounds.


District Curriculum Based Assessments

Common assessments given periodically throughout the school year at specified times during a curriculum sequence to evaluate students' knowledge and skills relative to an explicit set of short term goals.


District Benchmark Assessments

Common assessments given periodically throughout the school year at specified times during a curriculum sequence to evaluate students' knowledge and skills relative to an explicit set of long term goals. Benchmark Assessments are used for instructional planning and decision-making at the classroom, school, and district level.



State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness | STAAR Resources

Balanced Literacy Components

Read aloud

Implicit modeling of comprehension strategies using Think Aloud techniques.


Shared Reading

Explicit modeling and direct teaching of strategies and skills using instructional text materials.


Phonics/Word Study

Instruction on decoding strategies to help students understand how phonics and words work.


Guided Reading

Helping students orchestrate strategies and skills using the student's instructional reading level.


Literacy Work Stations

Providing students with opportunities to practice authentic literacy activities individually or with a partner.


Independent Reading

Students read a self-selected text and apply learned strategies and skills using a reading response journal.


Writer's Workshop

Students build writing skills, grammar, usage, and writing fluency through authentic and repeated use of the writing process.

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Literacy Initiatives K-5

The GCCISD Literacy Initiative is designed to implement a framework of Balanced Literacy to ensure best literacy practices and differentiation for all students to become successful readers and writers.

Comprehension Initiative

In the balanced literacy classroom, K-5 teachers use anchor lessons, mental models, and strategy posters to provide focused instruction in the area of reading comprehension strategies. These strategies include schema, visualizing, asking questions, inferring, determining importance, and synthesis.


Phonics/Word Study Initiative

Instruction is provided for students in the area of phonics and word study using whole group and small group instruction, which carries over to independent practice activities.


Staff Development

Grades K-2

Primary Literacy I Course (Balanced Literacy Collaborative)

Primary Literacy I is designed to study a balanced reading program emphasizing the components of Balanced Literacy.

Grades 3-5

Intermediate Literacy I Course (Balanced Literacy Collaborative)

Intermediate Literacy I is designed for teachers to study a balanced reading program teaching comprehension to encourage understanding in grades 3-5.


Content Preview and Planning K-English II

Content Preview and Planning (CPP) sessions are designed to encourage teachers to experience the content covered in a six week period with colleagues from across the district and collaboratively plan. Focus on deconstruction of the student expectations is emphasized.

Reading and Writing Web Resources

Texas Education Agency
Arkansas Literacy Model
Debbie Diller & Associates
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Landmarks Son of a Citation Machine
National Council of Teachers of English
Reading A-Z
Teacher Book Wizard
The College Board
The Comprehension Toolkit
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