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    2200 Market St, Baytown, TX 77520
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Goose Creek CISD offers its students the opportunities to participate in a wide variety of athletic activities, including:

  • Boys’ Baseball & Girls’ Softball
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Cross Country
  • Football
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Golf
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Soccer
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Swimming and Diving
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Water Polo
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Team Tennis
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Individual Tennis
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Track & Field
  • Girls’ Volleyball
Goose Creek CISD athletic teams and individuals to consistently advance to levels of competition above the district level. 
In addition, the Goose Creek athletic facilities rate at the top of the list of area sports venues. The addition of Field Turf at Stallworth Stadium makes the 16,000-seat football/soccer facility one of the premier athletic complexes in the greater Houston area.

Participants in University Interscholastic League (UIL) activities must abide by a vast assortment of policies, rules, and regulations. 

UIL regulations can be found by visiting the UIL website. 


GCCISD Schools Compete in 4 UIL Districts

22-5A (All Sports but Football)

Robert E. Lee

Goose Creek Memorial


Galena Park

Texas City

Santa Fe


Galveston Ball

In Football

Robert E. Lee Competes in 12-5A Division II

Goose Creek Memorial Competes in 9-5A Division I


Ross S. Sterling


North Shore

Deer Park


CE King

Beaumont Westbrook

Beaumont United

Required Forms


The Goose Creek CISD Athletic Department would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the UIL and GCCISD required forms to participate in the athletic program. This year, all student athletes 7-12th grade are required to fill out and submit these forms online prior to each school year.


The link to the online paperwork is: https://goosecreekcisd.rankonesport.com


Once on the website, fill out all forms under the tab labeled "Electronic Participation Forms." The only required form that cannot be done electronically is the annual physical and medical history. Parents will be able to print a physical and medical history during the electronic session. The physical/medical history must be completed by a parent and a physician. A new physical is required for each new school year. The physical and medical history should be turned in to the coach of your son/daughter. It is the recommendation of GCCISD Athletic Department that you make a copy of the physical for your files.

High School Campus Coordinator
Phone Number
Goose Creek Memorial HS
Rober E. Lee HS
Ross S. Sterling HS
Junior School Campus Coordinator
Phone Number
Baytown Junior School
Cedar Bayou Junior School
Gentry Junior School
Highlands Junior School
Horace Mann Junior School
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Information for Coaches
Coaches Handbook

District employees will again have the opportunity to purchase a general admission athletic pass for the 2018-2019 school year. 


The “athletic pass” is to provide employees an economical way to attend athletic events in Goose Creek. 


The athletic pass will cost $25.00 and will allow district employees general admission entry into all regular season Goose Creek CISD home athletic events.


The athletic pass is non-transferable and available only to full-time employees of the district.


Employees will be required to have their District employee identification card with them when using the athletic pass. Employees may purchase the passes at the Athletic Office located the Service Center – 2200 Market St.


Employees may also call or e-mail the athletic office with any questions about the employee athletic pass.


Athletic Office – 281.420.4680

Initial Eligibility:

7th-9th Grade: 

10th Grade: 

11th Grade: 

12th Grade: 



5 Accumulated Credits


10 Accumulated Credits or 5 in the last 12 months


15 Accumulated Credits or 5 in the last 12 months

Check all extracurricular students' grades at the end of the 1st six weeks:

August 27:


September 28:


October 5


Start school


Six-week eligibility check


Gain/loss eligibility (end of the school day)

Check all extra - curricular student' grades at the end of each six week grading period:


If passing check again at the six weeks.  If failing check each three weeks until student is passing. 

Please see below:


September 28

October 19

November 1

November 30

December 21

January 25 

February 15

March 8

April 12

May 3

May 30th

All Students are Eligible:


October 5 (Gain/Loss)

October 26 (Gain)

November 8 (Gain/Loss)

December 7 (Gain)

January15 (Gain/Loss)

February 1 (Gain)

February 22 (Gain/Loss)

March 22 (Gain)

April 19 (Gain/Loss)

May 10 (Gain)

End of School Year

Breaks & Holidays

All students are eligible during a holiday of a full calendar week or more.

From the close of school November 16, 2018 through the beginning of school November 26, 2018

From the close of school December 21, 2018 through the beginning of school January 9, 2019

From the close of school March 8, 2019 through the beginning of school March 18, 2019