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Notice to Persons with Disabilities

If you find any portion of the Goose Creek CISD online information functionality inaccessible, please contact us via email at: gemina.trujillo@gccisd.net


In addition, please note the links below for information on the District’s Policy (including how to file a grievance) as well as filing a grievance with the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights.

District's Grievance Procedure:

Goose Creek CISD

The district hopes that satisfactory conclusions to all complaints can be reached through an informal process; however, if not, both parents and employees have the right to a formal process as stated in the Goose Creek CISD School Board Policy. Even after starting the formal complaint process, employees and parents are encouraged to use the informal process to solve problems.

For more information about the grievance procedures, please refer to:

For Employees:




For Students and Parents:




District's Policy:



U.S. Department for Civil Rights Office for Civil Rights: