Board of Trustees
Continuing Education for Board Members
Each Board member must complete any training required by the State Board of Education (SBOE). The minutes of the last regular meeting of the Board held during a calendar year must reflect whether each Board member has met or is delinquent in meeting the training required to be completed as of the date of the meeting.
Continuing education for Board members includes orientation sessions, an annual team building session with the Board and the Superintendent, and specified hours of continuing education based on individual needs.

New Board members shall participate in a local orientation session within 60 days before or after their election or appointment.

Newly-elected or appointed Board members shall participate in three hours of training regarding the Texas Education Code (TEC). For Board members in subsequent years of service, two hours of training on the Update to the Texas Education Code is required.

Annually, it is required for each Board member to spend three to six hours in team building skills.

New Board members shall complete ten hours in Continuing Education with Board members in subsequent years of service participating in five hours of Continuing Education training.