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Jessica Woods

Jessica Woods  

Board Member


Jessica Woods joined the GCCISD Board of Trustees in May 2015.


After graduating from Kingwood High School in 1989, Jessica studied cultural Anthropology and Geography at The University of Texas in Austin. She then studied Spanish and did service projects in Guatemala before returning to Texas.


Jessica has lived and worked in the Highlands area since 1996, where she has managed several family businesses and raised two children in GCCISD schools. She joined the Highlands-Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce in 2002 to work on community projects for social and economic development. She has worked with the Baytown Chamber of Commerce on Partners In Education for 11 years, and is currently the Executive Director for the Highlands-Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce. Woods has served on rezoning committees, bond development committees, the Instructional Leadership team for B.P. Hopper Primary and Highlands Junior School, and the Goose Creek Education Foundation. She was recognized as the Citizen of the Year in 2010, with the Terry Davis Award in Highlands for a lifetime of service to the community.


Her current term ends in May 2023.