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GCCISD College Night is cancelled for Tuesday, September 14th

More information will be sent to families at a later date.


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    Naviance Family Connection is a comprehensive college and career readiness system designed especially for students and parents. Naviance helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals. The customizable college and career readiness tools empowers students and families to connect learning and life and provides information needed to help students prepare for life after high school. It also allows students to create an individualized learning plan for their futures by helping them discover their individual strengths and learning styles and explore college and career options based on their results.

    Through self-discovery and collaboration with parents, teachers and school counselors, Naviance enables students to find college and career pathways that are right for them. The path to college and career readiness begins with self-discovery. Naviance lets students learn about their strengths and reflect on their interests. Assessments provide suggestions on how to apply personality traits in school, career and life.
    The career planning and assessment tools in Naviance helps students discover multiple career options, and plan their career paths based on general areas of interest, and the level of education and training required to achieve their individual goals and objectives. These tools allow students to realize their goals, skills, knowledge, values, constraints and interests to help them make better academic decisions. During this process, students gain a clear understanding of the academic preparation required to pursue careers that are likely to be fulfilling to them.
    Naviance helps students plan which courses they need to take to meet their college and career goals. Students build their own course plans, creating a sense of ownership over their paths through high school. The Course Planner helps students see how their plans affect their futures. Counselors and parents can view student plans and provide informed suggestions and encouragement.
    Naviance makes college research easy by providing web resources about colleges, financial aid and other key topics in the college admissions process. Whether it's matching colleges to a student's career interests, or comparing admissions rates at a student's top college choices, Naviance allows students and families to make informed decisions. Students can compare colleges and universities, explore scholarship opportunities, and track the status of supporting application documents (transcripts and letters of recommendation).
    Naviance Student is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you organize school work and the college planning process. Naviance Student gives you instant access to college research tools as well as upcoming and overdue tasks within Family Connection. Update the status of tasks, communicate with counselors, and manage the entire process on the go with Naviance Student! If you do not have a mobile passcode, log in to Family Connection, click "about me", then "Naviance Student mobile app". Click "Download App" and enter your email address to have a passcode emailed to you.

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