Social-Emotional Learning & Student Wellness


As a member of the educational team, GCCISD Student Wellness Interventionists work collaboratively with members of the educational team to promote and support students' academic and social/emotional well-being through:
  1. Consultation
  2. Prevention/Intervention Strategies
  3. Crisis Intervention and Behavior Support through School-Based Counseling Sessions
  4. Conduct Social/Academic Instructional Groups and Individual Counseling sessions to enhance social development of students and provide peer support in accepting responsibility for their actions, overcoming crisis, trauma/grief, resolving conflict, improving attendance, decision-making skills, etc.
  5. Provide 6-9 weeks of documented intervention services utilizing evidenced based school counseling practices
  6. Support students transitioning from DAEP and residential placement
  7. Perform casework service with parents to increase the parents’ understanding, their constructive participation regarding their children’s academic performance, behavior, and basic needs, and their knowledge and use of available and appropriate resources
  8. Identification, development and coordination of resources/services
  9. Provide school staff and parents with community resources; coordinate and integrate school and community resources 10. School-Community
  10. Liaison
  11. Facilitate communication between school personnel and students, parents, and the community
  12. Provide workshops, and trainings to schools, parents and the community
  13. Serve on Crisis Response Team