Goose Creek CISD News
Greetings from your Superintendent


During this holiday season, I want to take a just moment to thank you for your strength and fortitude. Last year was the year of Covid and a year in which we were in a state of shock and reacting to a worldwide pandemic. This year has been called the year of recovery, and for so many has been a tougher year due to the impact of the continued modifications to our personal and professional lives.


Your efforts are not in vain, and they do not go unnoticed. While we face challenges, I have received more calls, emails and notes of appreciation for each of you and the monumental efforts that you put forth each day. I hear of story after story of you going the extra mile.


Our board of trustees have coalesced around you and have complete confidence in you and the passion that you pour into your life's work each day.


Our executive team are constantly challenging ourselves to find new creative ways to acknowledge and express our appreciation for you in meaningful ways.


Most importantly, I have witnessed you draw closer to one another during these perilous times. It is when we lean on one another that we experience our purpose in an exponential way.


Finally, I want to wish you peace beyond understanding and love that comes from our inner faith for our collective future. We may not know what our future holds, but we know without question, that we are impacting society with our care and sincere effort to provide a better future for the students and community that we serve.


As we prepare to exit one year and usher in another, let us remember the past, reflect on the present and reimagine the future. On behalf of our board of trustees and administration to our students, staff, and supporters of Goose Creek CISD, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and an even Happier New Year!


Dr. Randal O'Brien

Superintendent of Schools