Bilingual / ESL Department

About the Bilingual / ESL Program

District Vision

We empower every student with knowledge and skills to succeed in a global community.



Bilingual / ESL Program Vision

Empowering English Learners with Language



Mission Statement

The goal of the Goose Creek CISD Bilingual/ESL program is to empower English learners with English language knowledge and skills to succeed in the global multicultural community.



Team Commitments

We are committed to:

  • Going the extra mile in supporting my team/campus.
  • Use my full potential.
  • Be obsessed with our school community (students, teachers, administrators, parents and partners in education) and ensure their needs are met.
  • Follow the idea of clarity precedes competence.
  • Build a collaborative culture
  • Build capacity
  • Receive and provide constructive feedback

Contact Information

Department Team

pilar assist bilingual student

Pilar Moreno-Recio Ed.D.

Director of Bilingual / ESL

Dr. Pilar Moreno - Recio Ed.D

Teresita Torres

Teresita Torres

renteria professional photo

Elizabeth Perez

PEIMS Data Entry Clerk


  • Name of Parent / Nombre del Padre-Madre: First and Last Name / Primer Nombre y Apellido
    Email / Correo Electronico:
    Confirm Email / Confirme Su Correo Electronico:
    Student Name / Nombre del Estudiante: First and Last Name / Primer Nombre y Apellido:
    Campus / Escuela:
    Grade / Grado:
    Message / Mensaje:


    If you would like to be contacted, please provide your complete phone number.

    Si desea que nos comuniquemos con usted, por favor provea su número de teléfono completo.


    Phone Number / Número de telefono: (Area Code) XXX-XXXX
  • jrod pic

    Joseph Rodriguez

    District LPAC Specialist
    PK - 12th Grade 

    Ext. #73508

  • Araceli

    Araceli Garcia

    Elementary Bilingual / ESL Specialist

    2nd and 5th Grade

    PK - Goose Creek Memorial Feeder Pattern


    Ext. # 73850

    belinda morales professional photo

    Belinda Morales

    Elementary Bilingual / ESL Specialist

    1st and 3rd Grade

    PK-LEE Feeder Pattern

    281- 707 - 3453

    Ext. #73453

    Zamira photo

    Zamira (Sam) Torres-Banda

    Elementary Bilingual / ESL Specialist

    KG and 4th Grade

    PK - Sterling Feeder Pattern

    281 - 707-3672

    Ext. #73672

  • monica perez professional photo

    Sheila Chabera

    ESL Secondary Specialist

    6th - 12th Grade

    Campuses: Horace Mann Junior, Baytown Junior, Sterling High School, and LEE High School


    migdalia professional photo

    Danyelle Morris

    ESL Secondary Instructional Specialist

    6th grade - 12th grade

    Campuses: Gentry Junior, Cedar Bayou Junior, Highlands Junior, and Goose Creek Memorial High School



LPAC Resources

Professional Development


Project MOOPIL is a very simple and free self-paced course that provides continuing education / professional development credits for both teachers and administrators. It is a very engaging course through its videos and networking opportunities for your staff to meet others around the state. These opportunities are used to reflect on key learning points and mentally practice the strategies that can be used in the classroom. Our goal is to foster a greater understanding for students of their native language, English, and other topics in school for a confidence like no other.

Are you striving to: 
1) Increase the number of highly effective paraprofessionals or other educators and parents in schools with high concentrations of high-need students
2) Provide and use strategies that are supported by promising evidence and moderate evidence
3) Recruit and prepare future educators and/or parents
4) Provide professional development activities to paraprofessionals and teachers
5) Provide professional enhancement activities to student advocates?

Project MOOPIL stands for massive open online professional individualized learning and is offered by Texas A&M University for free online. 
It is meant to improve schools that serve high numbers of English learners and the implementation of instructional strategies for them at school or at home. The modules present information with activities and videos.

By completing a specified number of professional development hours, you CAN receive continuing education credits.

If you follow the link provided, you can interact with the program. The ‘Overview and Getting Started’ is a 10-minute module that will explain the benefits of participating in this free, online professional development project.

Goose Creek Sheltered Instruction Modules 2019 - 2020

Who needs to complete the modules:

  • Any bilingual or ESL secondary teacher who missed the EL Instructional Leader Academy in June and needs 18 or 12 credit hours of professional development for their 2019-2020 bilingual or ESL stipend.
  • Any teacher from the elementary and secondary sheltered instruction school teams who needs annual training hours/refresher to better support his/her second language learners in the core classrooms.
  • Any other teacher/s whose principal/T-TESS appraiser/ considers will benefit from taking the eCourses for as part of their professional learning/growth on the area of support for English learners.

Window to complete the Sheltered Instruction eCourses:

  • August 30, 2019


  • Any staff member with access to Eduphoria may begin registering for the sheltered instruction eCourses.  Each eCourse is a 1.5-2 hour credit and will be automatically awarded once the participant completes the session.

Structure of eCourses/Content:

  • Each eCourse includes: a) Introduction, b) Audio PowerPoint Presentations, c) Videos and Reflective Questions, d) 5 Question Assessment (must make 80% to pass), and e) a Survey.
  • See first attachment for content of eCourses.

Teacher/Administrator Follow-Up:

  • When sessions are complete, administrators can run a report and see credits/ participants who took the eCourses.  Teachers should follow any procedures on campus to keep track of their own professional development hours.
  • Teachers complete modules outside of their contracted work day if they need to complete required hours to receive a bilingual or ESL stipend and please watch videos and presentations in their entirety to make the most of the learning.
These credit hours are valid for the 2019 - 2020 school year.

TEA Sheltered Instruction Training Series

Access Link | How to Register | Teacher Completion Checklist

  • 20 CPE credit hours of sheltered instruction training is required for all teachers of English learners. All teachers that complete these courses can use the CPE hours as part of their exchange days.
  • Elementary bilingual and ESL secondary certified teachers receiving a stipend can have these professional development hours count towards their stipend or exchange time.
  • The Sheltered Instruction Training Series checklist can be downloaded, printed, and used to help track your completion of sheltered instruction training. Upon successful completion of each course, you will be prompted to generate and save a course completion certificate. Certificates of completion along with the Sheltered Instruction Training Series Teacher Checklist need to be sent to Teresita Torres in the Bilingual/ESL Department to grant credit through Eduphoria.
  • As a general rule, those who complete the training series will earn the following seven (7) certificates:
    • ELL Foundations: Second Language Acquisition (1 certificate)
    • ELL Foundations: Guidance and Support for ELLs (1 certificate)
    • ELL Foundations: Effective Instructional Strategies and Routines (1 certificate)
    • ELL Foundations: Assessment and Data-Driven Instruction (1 certificate)
    • ELPS Academy (1 certificate)
    • Implementing the ELPS (subject area of your choice, 1 certificate)
    • ELL Instructional Videos (subject area of your choice, 1 certificate)
  • Bilingual and ESL Stipend Information

LAS LINKS and PreLAS Refresher Training Videos

Refresher on Adding Students to LAS Links

Refresher on Scheduling a test session

Refresher on Scoring LAS Links Writing

Refresher on Scoring LAS Links Speaking

Refresher on generating LAS Links Results

PreLAS Refresher Training



LAS LINKS and PreLAS Training Videos for New Personnel

LAS Links Training


Teacher Resources