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Lane’s Birthday Mission
F Lane Rex, surrounded by toys donated by Goose Creek Memorial High School AVID students and their teacher Misty Dolgner, is happy that his birthday wish to fill the toy closet at Texas Children’s Hospital is coming true.
Lane Rex, surrounded by toys donated by Goose Creek Memorial High School AVID students and their teacher Misty Dolgner, is happy that his birthday wish to fill the toy closet at Texas Children’s Hospital is coming true.

GCCISD Facilities Team To Lane’s Birthday Mission

By: Susan Passmore

An unselfish birthday wish from a 5-year-old boy has motivated generous people throughout the area, including Goose Creek Memorial AVID students and their teacher Misty Dolgner, to help make it come true.

Lane Rex was diagnosed with very high risk pre-B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia with MLL gene rearrangement August 8, 2015, and his family immediately moved to Pearland from Corpus Christi so that Lane could benefit from care at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. He is frequently poked during port access, and he endures peripheral blood draws, finger pokes and spinal taps as he bravely undergoes his treatments.

“He’s been poked more times in the last 22 months than most of us get poked in an entire lifetime,” said Kim Rex, Lane’s mother, on their Facebook page, “Love for Lane.” “Going to the toy closet has made those pokes somewhat easier. They get little trinket toys – small dolls, action figures, crafty things, balls (one of Lane’s absolute favorites), hair accessories, dress up things, jewelry and just anything. His child life specialist Kelly has now started a sticker chart for him – for every poke, he gets a sticker and after five stickers, he gets a big prize.”
But during his last trip to the toy closet, which is now several drawers instead of the small closet, he found it nearly bare even though several organizations replenish it often. Taking charge of the situation, he decided that for his 6th birthday July 18th, instead of birthday gifts, he wanted a huge toy drive to refill and overflow the toy cabinet at Texas Children’s for his friends. He also wants to deliver some toys to the inpatient side, where he spent time during intense therapy, and to drop some off to the bone marrow transplant floor. This is quite a mission for such a little guy, but Lane is starting to see that some of his wishes are coming true.
“When I saw this on Facebook, I contacted my AVID students, and they came through, as they always do. They met me at the school with loads of toys,” said Dolgner.
Stuffing her vehicle, Dolgner delivered three large boxes of gifts. It was more than Rex could have ever imagined.
“We were leaving the house, but Misty said she’d just leave them for us,” Rex said. “We now have so many toys, we’re busting out of our house. Misty obviously has a big heart, and we’re so grateful.”
Since the news of Lane’s birthday mission began spreading on social media, the family has received numerous donations of all kinds of toys to help fill the closet. One ticket is given to a child after a poke, and it can be exchanged for a small toy. Larger toys are given on special occasions, such as birthdays and the end of treatments. Money donated through Pay Pal will help purchase larger, interactive toys for every room to keep kids entertained while they wait for whatever procedure they will have to endure. So far, enough has been collected to purchase a $300 interactive toy for four of the 11 oncology rooms. The hospital staff plans to have plates engraved showing that the toys were donated by Lane Rex, creating a lasting legacy.
Lane’s message to everyone who generously donated to his mission is, “Thank you for bringing these toys. I will give them to the little kids at the hospital that have leukemia.”
Although Lane wasn’t able to start kindergarten last fall, he and his family – Mom, Dad Jason and brothers Josh and Landon - took a trip to Disney World through the Make-A-Wish Foundation at Christmastime. He saw another wish come true when he was able to complete his spring semester of kindergarten at Barbara Cockrell Elementary. Despite some neuropathy in his feet, legs, and one arm, he is quite the little athlete, and his wish to be able to play on his t-ball team again also came true. Lane still has a long way to go in battling this disease, but he’s facing it with a positive attitude.
“Lane is strong, and he doesn’t even cry when they poke him. Somehow, he has found the joy in the journey,” said Rex. “He knows it could be worse. He’s lost a lot of friends along the way, and he’s seen others who are still really sick.”
Lane has gone through intense therapy and still takes chemo pills and chemo through a port once a month, has a spinal tap every three months and is subjected to frequent pokes, but instead of dwelling on the negative, he and his family choose joy.
And if everything goes as planned, they will find even more joy and another wish come true when he is able to ring the bell at Texas Children’s Hospital in December 2018, signifying the end of the journey. Happy birthday, Lane.
For more information, go to Lane’s Facebook page Love For Lane. #lanersbirthdaymission #superlaner #loveforlane #noonefightsalone


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