Tools of Success

Spring is often called “the season of new beginnings.” Flowers begin to bloom; the temperature begins to change from chilly to warm and we see more families enjoy spending time together outside. Spring is also a very important season in Goose Creek CISD. Our students and staff are in “preparation for excellence” mode. Whether it be for exams, end-of-year programs or graduation, our district is ready for any challenge that may come our way. Every department in our district is “all hands on deck” as we push forward through the remaining months of the school year.


In order for a district to be fully prepared, they must have the tools of success in their arsenal. As an educator, I believe in the importance of continuous professional development. It is integral to the success of not only the individual, but the district in which they are employed as well. Gaining more knowledge and expertise in your field of choice preps you for success for many years to come. I am proud to say the educators in our district not only receive countless hours of professional development through our district, they receive it through their respective professional organizations as well. The knowledge they have received has provided many of our leaders with the opportunity to share their expertise with others. Just this year alone, district leaders have presented at several state conferences, including the Texas School Public Relations Association, Texas Alliance of Black School Educators, and the Texas Association of School Administrators and School Boards; just to name a few.


The state of Texas has many professional organizations that our district employees are not only members of, but they also hold leadership positions. Dr. Pilar Moreno-Recio, Director of Bilingual and ESL Education, was named the President Elect for the Houston Area Association for Bilingual Educators and was re-elected to serve on the board for the Texas Association for Bilingual Education as the Bilingual/ESL Representative. Kristyn Hunt Cathey, Director of Communications, was named the Houston-Beaumont Area Vice-President for the Texas School Public Relations Association, and Dr. Regina Patrick-Sims, Bowie Elementary School Principal, was named the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators “Principal of the Year.” Matt Flood, Chief Technology Officer, received the Grace Hopper Award and was named the Texas “Chief Technology Officer of the Year” by the Texas Education Technology Leaders Association and Dr. Precious Reimonenq, Director of Social Emotional Learning and Wellness, received the Heroes and Hope Award, presented by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. We congratulate these district leaders on their GIANT recognitions. They represent the district well and are proof that what we do for our students is not going unnoticed.


The 53rd annual Phi Delta Kappa poll of the “Public’s Attitude Toward Public Schools” revealed that despite challenges of the pandemic, Americans continue to have high opinions of their local schools and teachers. Per their website, “Two-thirds of adults overall give their community’s public school teachers an A or B grade for their pandemic response.” We appreciate the fact that there are many communities that are much more favorable toward public schools than they have been in the past. The national rhetoric on schools’ failing is changing and we are grateful for the support that we have in our district. We believe in focusing on what is right versus what is wrong and highlighting what our students know; not what they don’t know. There are many lessons to be learned from the two years we have spent educating students in the midst of the pandemic, but what is most important to note is that we must never waiver from doing what is right for our students. The 24,000 students in our district deserve to receive the best education possible that will prepare them for college and career readiness and I have no doubt that we are doing that and will continue to do so in the many years ahead.