Community Spirit & Unity

Greetings, GCCISD!



October has been an eventful and vibrant month in our community, with several wonderful events that brought us closer together. It's my pleasure to reflect on these past events and acknowledge the significant milestones and awareness campaigns associated with this month.


Our Business Expo showcased the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives within our community. We were proud of the invitation to join businesses and showcase some of the great things going on in our district. The Education Foundation Concert was a beautiful testament to the power of art and education. The community’s partnership with GCCISD is so important in providing additional resources and opportunities for excellence in education for all students. The Abigail 1702 Theatre production at Goose Creek Memorial brought captivating drama to our stage and the Fall Festivals and Trunk or Treat celebrations provided fun and laughter for our families, reminding us of the importance of community engagement.


In October, we also recognized the dedicated principals who lead our schools, as it is Principal Appreciation Month. These educational leaders work tirelessly to ensure that our students receive the best possible education, and their efforts are truly commendable. I am forever grateful for our 32 principals that lead our students and staff each and every day.


October is a month dedicated to raising awareness on various vital issues. National Cybersecurity Awareness Month encourages us all to protect our online presence, while Breast Cancer Awareness Month reminds us to support those affected by this disease and work towards a cure. National Bullying Prevention Month underscores the significance of fostering a safe and respectful environment for our youth. Each of these “awareness” focused events are truly worthy of our attention this month and year-round.


Looking ahead to November, we are excited to bring our Community Wellness Festival on November 4, an event that highlights our commitment to health and well-being within our community. I invite everyone to join us at GCM from 9am to 1pm for fun-filled and educational activities.


I'm grateful for the unity and community spirit that we've witnessed in this fast-paced October. Let's carry this positive energy into November and continue to grow and support each other. Together, we can create an even stronger, more vibrant community. As always, thank you for continuing to believe in our public schools. We truly believe that there are GIANTS in our midst.


Best regards,


Dr. Randal O'Brien, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools