A Year Full of Hope

As we journey into 2021, I believe that the year ahead of us is full of hope. With more than 80 percent of our students back face-to-face, I have hope that we will begin to feel some sense of normalcy.



Eventually, teachers may not teach virtual as well as face-to-face students, although I am proud of the way everyone has handled this challenge. Our safety protocols are helping to keep our students and staff safe. Please remember that our expectation is for masks to be worn. I have been contacted by a few citizens who disagree with wearing masks. I cannot apologize for erring on the side of caution. If wearing masks helps prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is a small price to pay, and in conjunction with our other safety protocols, we will continue to reduce transmission rates in our school district.


I also have hope that as more people receive the COVID-19 vaccination, we see the numbers of those testing positive for the virus and those having to quarantine due to exposure decrease.


With a little more than half the school year behind us, we need to focus on the future – where we can be, where we need to be, and where we will be when we reflect back on our achievements and accomplishments. We will rebuild the momentum we had going and continue to provide the highest level of customer service to our community.


Our growth mindset and innovative spirit has shown itself time and time again over the past decade and will not allow a mere global pandemic to stand in our way.


The 2019 Bond projects are well underway with Elementary #17 and the San Jacinto Elementary replacement projected to open a year from now. E. F. Green Junior School will open this fall and will provide much-needed relief from overcrowding.


Our board of trustees has focused in on providing a few items not included in the bond yet identified as high priority items for our community. One is the Robotics Center, which will serve students K-12 beginning next school year. Finally, the board goal of closing the achievement gap is being realized through the design and development of Early Learning Academies, which we believe will transform pre-kindergarten education as we know it. We have employed an innovative brain research team paired with an advanced design architect team to create a one-of-a-kind educational program that we believe will address potential educational gaps before they exist.


It is clear that we have not allowed this global event to prevent us from serving the Goose Creek community at very high levels. We cannot deny the challenges we’ve faced or the ones ahead of us; however, we can have faith that together we will overcome and continue to achieve excellence. I cannot express my sincere gratitude enough for all that we continue to do to “Grow Giants” in Goose Creek CISD!


The best is yet to come!