Goose Creek CISD News
GCM Phlebotomy Student Sets the Bar High

By: Kristyn Hunt Cathey, APR – Director of Communications

The district's new phlebotomy program launched in fall 2022 and already has its first success story. Samantha Juarez, a senior at Goose Creek Memorial High School, was the first student to complete 40 successful venipunctures and successfully complete the National Healthcare Association’s certification test. A straight-A student, Samantha completed this feat while taking Honors courses and college classes simultaneously. This certification will allow her the opportunity to work in blood centers, labs and doctor’s offices.


phlebotomy student poses with certification, teacher, and classmates


Samantha officially holds the honor as the first certified phlebotomy technician in the district and in GCM history. Her future plans are to earn the CCMA (Certified Clinical Medical Assistant) as well as major in the medical field in college.


The phlebotomy program is new today and is currently only at Goose Creek Memorial. The program is taught in conjunction with CCMA curriculum and adds extra workload for those participating students. Samantha handled this with remarkable ease while maintaining a straight A report card taking honors and college classes.