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Education Foundation

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The GCCISD Education Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) public corporation operating independently under its own board of directors. The Foundation's vision is enhancing education in the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District.

Please contact Erika Foster at or 281.707.3610.

Ronnie Hotchkiss, President elect of of the Education Foundation

Ronnie Hotchkiss


Laurie TErry President of the Education Foundation

Laurie Terry

Immediate Past President

Gena Hutto Secretary Goose Creek CISD Education Foundation

Gena Hutto


GCCISD Superintendent

Randal O’Brien

GCCISD Superintendent

Jennifer Walsh, Vice-President, Development of the Education Foundation

Jennifer Walsh

President Elect and Vice-President, Development

Tracey Prothro President Elect of the Education Foundation

Susan Harper

Vice-President, Programs

David Frasier Vice-President, Finance of the Education Foundation

Gilbert Santana

Interim Vice-President, Finance

Adelina Gomez-Abshire

Sarah Baldwin

Sandra Bell

Michelle Bitterly

Christina Butler

Courtney Caylor

Kathy Clausen

Richard Clem

Weston Cotten

Steve Daniele

Steve DonCarlos

Meryl Edmeade

Tiffany Guy

Mason Hancock

Lauren Heffernan

Roxie Krisher-Hippard

Charles Johnson

Sabrina Martin

Lacee Schuman

Ashley Shibley

Eric Stegall

Connie Tilton

Jim Wadzinski

Mike Wilson

Erika Foster




Angela Sanders

Administrative Assistant