Financial Transparency


Why We Are In a Deficit
Goose Creek CISD expects the state’s student allotment (money provided by the state for each student) to match inflation. Inflation has risen 19% since the allotment increase in 2019, equivalent to nearly $22 million owed to school districts of our size. However, Texas has kept the student allotment the same, resulting in a budget deficit. We are not alone in facing financial challenges; rather, districts statewide are grappling with similar issues. The landscape of educational funding at the state level has presented difficulties that extend beyond our immediate community as a result of what appears to be political motivations. Recognizing the broader context in which these fiscal pressures are emerging is essential. Many districts are contending with reductions in expected funding, leading to difficult decisions and strategic measures required to provide the high quality of education we will continue!
Budget Challenges

ESSER Funding

ESSER funding (federal dollars awarded to school districts in response to COVID-19) is exhausted.



The Texas Legislature did not vote to increase funding for public education despite inflation and the growing needs of schools across the state. Texas school districts have not received an increase in funding since 2019.


Rising Cost

The cost of operating schools has increased due to inflation, increased utility costs, salary increases, and continued maintenance.


Increased Insurance

Property and casualty insurance increased for our district by nearly $1 million for 2024.


Unfunded & Underfunded Mandates

Recently, mandates (safety and security and HB 1416) have been given with limited or no additional funding, straining the budget as we are forced to divert funds from other areas to meet requirements.


State-wide impacts

School districts across the state are addressing budget deficits through staff reductions, school consolidation, and program eliminations.

Our Commitment
Goose Creek CISD will provide students with unparalleled opportunities. We are committed to continuing to provide robust career and technical education opportunities through our ten career academics, college and career readiness for all students, early childhood learning, class sizes below the state standard, and programs to accomplish our mission, “Developing the Whole Child.” In addition, Goose Creek CISD is committed to providing competitive teacher pay, keeping Goose Creek CISD in the top 5% starting salary and top 8% average salary in the state of Texas.