Pre-K Matters

Frequently Asked Questions

  • $500 per month
  • To be eligible for enrollment in a free pre-kindergarten class, a child must be at least four years of age on or before September 1st of the current school year and meet at least one of the federal eligibility requirements. The eligibility requirements can be found on the pre-k webpage.
  • Each program has a specialized brain-development curriculum designed to build executive function, creativity, and core academics aligned to Texas pre-k guidelines. Students will be immersed in curriculum developing their right brain, left brain, and movement abilities.
  • The student observational inventory consists of six short tasks. During a student conference, the child will work on these tasks with a district observer to help determine school readiness.
  • Students who live within the GCCISD boundaries and are eligible for transportation will be able to ride a GCCISD bus.
  • The payment method will be determined at a later date.
  • A deposit of $250 will be required for tuition based pre-k programs.
  • Spanish speaking children are eligible for both tuition based and free pre-k. Students must meet the federal guidelines for enrollment in free pre-k.
  • GCCISD will offer three different pre-k academies. The Early Learning Academies will be offered at Sheila Liles Early Learning Academy, San Jacinto Elementary, and Pumphrey Elementary. The STEAM PK program will be offered at Austin and Walker Elementaries. Dual Language pre-k academy will be offered at Harlem, Alamo, and Ashbel Smith Elementaries.
  • Siblings of PK students must attend school at their home campus.
  • Only children who live in the GCCISD school boundaries will be able to attend GCCISD pre-k unless the legal guardian is an employee of GCCISD.
  • Student enrollment in all of the GCCISD PK ELA Academies is based on attendance zones, not parental choice. Students in the Dual Language and STEAM Academies must qualify based on the Observational Assessment completed in the Spring.
  • Many local day cares provide before and after school care and/or transportation for GCCISD students to local schools.