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GCCISD High School Athletic Academic Belt 


The GCCISD Athletic Academic Belt is presented to a high school and junior school for their outstanding dedication to the academic achievements of our student athletes. At the end of each report card, our coaches are responsible for compiling the passing rates for every athlete in their designated program, and submitting them to the Athletic Office. They are then ranked by the three high schools, and the six junior highs. 

GCM takes title!

GCM team and Belt


For the first time in the three years of the athletic academic championship belt, GCM will take the title away from Sterling by turning in a 92.86% passing rate of all student athletes for the nine-week report card. Sterling had won the previously eight straight and barely missed out on this one with a 92.35% passing rate, while Lee was right there in the mix with 92.05%. The GCM Patriots are led by Campus Coordinators Daniel Ragsdale and Roman Huizar. Congratulations to Goose Creek Memorial!

RSS Rangers Earn Academic Championship Belt

RSS Athletics Students


The Sterling Rangers have once again captured the GCCISD Athletic Academic Championship belt, for the fifth consecutive time, with a passing percentage of 94 percent for all athletes. This year, their goal is to round all four bases by winning it each of the 4 nine-week grading periods throughout the course of the school year. Time will tell if GCM or Lee can stop that from happening. The Rangers are led by campus coordinators Robert Toomer and Dr. Candace Southall. 


RSS Academic Championship 3-Peat

RSS earns academic championship 01RSS earns academic championship 02

Sterling has captured their 3rd consecutive Athletic Academic Championship belt, and coined the phrase "W1N, R2PEAT, 3PEAT!" All programs combined to have a 91% passing rate and beating out their opponents by a few percentage points. They have continued to excel both in the classroom and on the playing field under the leadership of coordinators Robert Toomer and Candace Southall.


RSS Earns 2nd Athletic Academic Belt

RSS Athletics Students


Congratulations to Sterling High School on achieving an 88% passing rate for all of their athletic programs combined, which earned them the Athletic Academic Belt for the 2nd Nine Week grading period. The student athletes would like to dedicate this accomplishment to the campus administrators; thank you Mr. Chaddick and Mrs. Yarbarough for your support of RSS Athletics. The athletics program at Sterling is led by Robert Toomer and Candace Southall. 

RSS awarded first ever Academic Athletic Championship Belt for High Schools
RSS Athletics

Congratulations to Sterling High School, represented by Campus Coordinators Robert Toomer and Candace Southall, having a campus passing rate of 92.8%.

All Goose Creek athletes combined (2630 students) had a 92.6% passing rate for the first 9 week grading period.