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Triumphant Return: Sterling Rangers Reclaim Academic Championship Belt

Sterling, Academic Championship Belt


The Sterling Rangers took back the academic championship belt after a 9 week period in which GCM were claimed city champions. Campus coordinators Robert Toomer and Candace Southall-Burkhalter led the Rangers to a 92 percent passing rate for the 2nd Nine Week Report Card. Pictured are student athletes and administrators showing off their championship at National Signing Day, as several student athletes committed to play at the next level and earned scholarships.

EF Green Soars to Academic Excellence: Student Athletes Achieve 97% Passing Rate

EF Green, 97 Passing Rate


EF Green regained Baytown dominance by posting a 97 percent passing rate for the 2nd Nine Week Report Card among all student athletes. The Owls are led by campus coordinators Ruben Rivas and Mandi Corbin under the guidance of principal Dr. Babbin.

RSS HS Retains Third Consecutive Belt

RSS Spring Belt


It comes as no surprise that Sterling High School retained the athletic academic belt for the 3rd consecutive time this year (as they each hold up a "3" in the picture). This takes them one step closer to their goal, which was to complete the sweep of the academic calendar. Each 9 Weeks they have represented themselves with each of the bases to complete the 4 rounds of report cards. They are shown here rounding third and heading for home! They turned in a 91 percent passing percentage among all athletics for the 3rd nine-week period, but with GCM and Lee slowly closing in by only a few percentage points behind. The Sterling Athletics Program is under the leadership of Coach Robert Toomer and Coach Candace Southall-Burkhalter. Congratulations to the Rangers!

Gentry Junior School Takes the Belt

Gentry Athletic Team


The Junior School athletic academic belt has become a race to the finish every report card. Gentry has been a close second on several occasions, and came through this time in the clutch! They battled the defending champion EFGreen Owls and tied with a 93 percent passing percentage for the 3rd Nine-Week period. The pictures portray the Gentry Mustangs proudly holding the belt in the form of "93" by both the 7th and 8th grade classes, while the EFG Owls showcase their accomplishments by spelling out their mascot. Gentry is lead by Coach Steven Allbritton and Coach Shaye Montgomery, and EFGreen is led by Coach Ariel Stork and Coach Titus Standberry. Congratulations to both schools!

EF Green Reclaims Championship Belt

EFG Athletes spell out EFG and OWLS


EF Green, under the leadership of Coach Titus Standberry and Coach Ariel Reitmeier, has reclaimed the Athletic Academic Championship belt for the 2nd Nine Week Grading period by posting a 96 percent passing percentage for all of their athletes.


EF Green has continued to thrive in only their second year in existence, but Cedar Bayou and Gentry consistently make a push every grading period to compete for the belt.


All of our junior highs have demonstrated the ability to create Goose Creek Giants by emphasizing the importance of the classroom.


Our junior highs had an overall passing percentage of 92 percent at the semester break.


Sterling Rangers Captured Athletic Academic Belt

RSS Athletes pose for photo in field

The Sterling Rangers have once again captured the Athletic Academic Belt by earning a 91 percent passing rate for the 2nd Nine Week Period.


Under the leadership of Campus Coordinators Robert Toomer and Candace Southall-Burkhalter, this makes it the 6th consecutive time they have won the belt.


As represented by the picture, this is their second time winning it this year (second base), as they intend on making it 3 straight and heading for 3rd base. Their ultimate goal is all four on the year, making it a homerun!


Congratulations to Sterling High School and good luck to Lee and GCM to try to take that away from them!

RSS Earns Athletic Academic Championship

RSS earns academic championship 01RSS earns academic championship 02

Sterling has captured their 3rd consecutive Athletic Academic Championship belt, and coined the phrase "W1N, R2PEAT, 3PEAT!" All programs combined to have a 91% passing rate and beating out their opponents by a few percentage points. They have continued to excel both in the classroom and on the playing field under the leadership of coordinators Robert Toomer and Candace Southall.


Cedar Bayou Earns Athletic Academic Championship

Cedar Bayour students win academic championship


In a close finish, Cedar Bayou squeaked by the other Junior High's on their way to earning back-to-back Athletic Academic Championships. At an incredible 97% passing rate, it's amazing that several of the schools were just points behind them in a competition that benefits all of our student athletes. The Bears are led by coordinators Christopher Haney and Stacey Fleming.

CBJ Earns Athletic Academic Belt for 2nd Nine Weeks

Students Spell out C-B-J at gym


A huge congratulations to Cedar Bayou Junior High, led by Principal Kannady, for earning the Athletic Academic Belt for the 2nd Nine Week grading period. The entire athletic program at CBJ has achieved a 97% passing rate for all sports! Athletic Coordinators are Chris Haney and Stacey Fleming.

RSS Earns Athletic Academic Belt

RSS Athletics Students


Congratulations to Sterling High School on achieving an 88% passing rate for all of their athletic programs combined, which earned them the Athletic Academic Belt for the 2nd Nine Week grading period. The student athletes would like to dedicate this accomplishment to the campus administrators; thank you Mr. Chaddick and Mrs. Yarbarough for your support of RSS Athletics. The athletics program at Sterling is led by Robert Toomer and Candace Southall. 

Lady Rangers Attend Austin ISD Tournament

RSS Team at gym
Sterling vs DeValle 


25-15 Sterling, 25-16 Sterling 

McKenna Barnhill 6 digs, 13 assists 

Tanishua Joseph 9 kills, 2blocks, 2 digs 

Shelby Tennant 10 digs, 2 assist , 1 ace


The Lady Rangers advanced to play Anne Richards High school

25-21 Sterling, 25-16 Sterling 

Tanishua Joseph 11 kills, 3 blocks, 4 digs 

McKenna Barnhill 5 digs, 13 assists

Ashley Aguilar 1 dig, 8 assist 

Alondra Nunez 4 kills, 1 dig 


The Lady Rangers advanced to the Silver Bracket Championship game against Conroe High School

25-20 Conroe, 26-24 Conroe 

Tanishua Joseph 7 kills,3 digs, 1 ace

Bailee Payne 7 kills, 3 digs

McKenna Barnhill 6 digs, 13 assists 

Shelby Tennant 9 digs 1 assist 

Ashley Aguilar 5 digs, 5 assists 


Again the girls have shown perseverance, determination, and heart all weekend. We are extremely proud of them and excited for the season.