Nutrition Services

Meal Prices


Goose Creek CISD participates in the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. Both of these are federally assisted meal programs which provide nutritionally balanced low-cost or free lunches to approximately 31 million children each day.


All Goose Creek students are eligible to eat a free breakfast at their school, regardless of whether or not they qualify for free and reduced meal prices.  The USDA waivers that allowed us to serve free lunch to all students expired on June 30, 2022, so student lunch prices will be determined by free/reduced or full paid status.  Parents and guardians are HIGHLY encouraged to complete the Free & Reduced application located on our website as soon as possible.


Breakfast choices vary from school to school. The following elementary schools offer breakfast in the classroom:  Austin (as well as the cafeteria), Ashbel Smith, Banuelos, Bowie, Carver, Crockett, De Zavala, Harlem, Highlands Elementary, Lamar, San Jacinto, Travis and Walker. At the secondary level, Baytown Junior and Highlands Junior students receive breakfast in a "Grab and Go" format where students receive a bagged breakfast from the cafeteria and eat in the classroom.   At Horace Mann Junior, 7th and 8th graders will receive a Grab and Go breakfast and eat in the gym while 6th graders will eat in the cafe. 


Each year, School Food Authorities (such as Nutrition Services at Goose Creek CISD) must review their paid lunch revenue to ensure compliance with the paid lunch equity requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture. School districts are reimbursed for meals served to school children, but not for meals served to adults, including teachers. In fact, federal guidelines state that adult meals must be priced so that it is sufficient to cover the cost to produce the meal. Those expenses include food, wages and benefits, supplies and equipment.


School food authorities must ensure that the federal reimbursements, children's payments and donated commodities do not subsidize program meals served to adults whatsoever. Our ability to serve reduced price meals to students would be jeopardized if it were discovered that adults were paying the student price.


The United States Department of Agriculture and the Texas Department of Agriculture conduct periodic audits of all school districts utilizing the programs to ensure that all standards are being met and the district can continue utilizing the funds to feed children healthy meals.



Secondary Meal Prices

Breakfast Lunch
Full Price Free $2.15
Reduced Price Free .40¢

Elementary Meal Prices

Full Price Free $2.15
Reduced Price Free .40¢

Adult Meal Prices

Regular $3.25 $4.75
Visitor $3.25 $4.75