Goose Talks
About Goose Talks
We want to hear from you! We are excited to start Goose Talks: Listen, Learn, Launch, a community feedback process that helps us best understand the needs of our “Giants” and respond based on your highest areas of concern. This process also helps us know what we are doing well so we can keep up the excellent work!


Throughout the year, we will invite the community into various district facilities for roundtable discussions, facility tours, staff and student panels, talks with our Superintendent, and more to ensure that the voices of our community are heard, valued, and integrated into the planning and decision-making process.


Through the Goose Talks process, our community will have opportunities to provide input on various matters, ranging from facility projects and volunteer opportunities to new campus initiatives. Each meeting will have a different focus and activity.


Regular updates will be provided to the community regarding the feedback received, decisions made, and the implementation of community-driven initiatives. We will share our action steps on our website, social media, podcast, and more!