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Spring 2022 Flyer Approval Dates

  • Following are the dates flyers will be approved.
  • Also listed are the valid dates for distribution and website posting.
  • Flyers will only be approved with a Monday date.
  • Flyers not received by the due date will be dated for the next three week valid period.
Spring Approval Dates
Flyer Due Date for Approval
Valid "for" Dates
January 4, 2022
January 10 - January 21
January 18, 2022
January 25 - February 11
February 8, 2022
February 15 - March 4
March 1, 2022
March 15 - April 1
March 29, 2022
April 5 - April 22
April 25, 2022
April 26 - May 13
* No flyers distributed April 5-8 due to State Testing.
**No flyers distributed May 2-13 due to State Testing**
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  • All requests must have an up-to-date 501(c)(3) on file with the Office of Student Support Services.
  • A copy of the material to be accessed/distributed must be submitted along with the District’s Request for Flyer Distribution Approval form.
  • Flyers must adhere to all District guidelines.
  • Flyers will be placed on the District’s website for the three week specified period.
  • Only twenty five (25) copies of the flyer may be given to the school for placement at a site designated by the campus principal.
  • A copy of the approval letter must accompany the flyers placed on campuses.

Flyers are distributed weekly at campuses on Tuesdays.