Thankful for Our School District

What an exciting time to be a part of the Goose Creek CISD family! As we seek to constantly improve all that we do, we explore opportunities that will continue to make us an exceptional institution of learning. When these conversations occur, I recognize that, along with them, there’s an uneasy feeling for the prospect of change.

O'Brien Photo If I have learned anything over my career in leadership, it is that change is inevitable – whether we’re talking about the legislature, the school calendar or the school day. Our decision, then, becomes whether or not we choose to participate in steering that change to a favorable outcome or to sit in the bleachers and watch it happen.

At a time when public schools are under scrutiny from those who seek to profit financially from privatizing them, we who believe in the public school system must stand up for public schools. As a result of underfunding schools and programs, leading to overcrowded classrooms; mandating standardized tests sold by private-sector firms that try to “prove” these schools are failures; blaming teachers and/or their unions for test scores; changing school accountability standards and identification and pushing non-accountable, profit-oriented charter schools as the solution, it is even understandable that the public may view the school system as flawed or broken.

According to a 2017 PDK Poll of the public’s attitudes toward public schools, Americans grade schools nationally as C/D, local schools as B/C and their child’s school as A/B. The closer we are to our schools, the more we believe in their success; however, one problem is that only about 25 percent of the population have children actually in our schools. I encourage you to visit our Goose Creek CISD campuses and attend our school events. The positive things that happen daily are the best indication of success, more so than any one assessment. Then, tell people about what you see in our schools!

We are thankful to live in a community that supports public education, and you’ve demonstrated that time and time again. In 1999 and 2005, voters passed bonds to improve our school district. The inception of the Goose Creek CISD Education Foundation in 2009 has provided continuing support from community members and businesses, and a $267 million bond was passed in 2013, allowing us, among other proposed items, to build three new elementary schools to serve our growing population. In 2015, voters passed a Tax Ratification Election, and this year, we have initiated a successful public relations partnership with the City of Baytown. Thank you for your monumental support!

Speaking of the public relations partnership with the City, you may have seen our commercials on HGTV, ESPN, PBS as well as on our website. We are tooting our own horn to let the public and our neighbors know, as you do, all the wonderful things going on in our school system. As we approach the holidays, I’d like to share with you how thankful I am for your decision to allow your talents and gifts to serve this community and our future generations. Please have a wonderful holiday season!