Facilities & Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan

  • Academic Performance Arrow
    • Improve Overall Performance
    • Close Achievement Gaps
    • Improve Attendance
    • Engagement via Technology
    • Strengthen College, Career, Military Readiness
    • Create relational capacity standards 
    • Continue instructional rounds
    • Provide college level courses & exam strategies
    • Implement culturally responsive teaching 
    • Utilize attendance committee recommendations
    • Provide professional learning on technology
    • State Assessment Results
    • Professional Learning schedules/outcomes
    • Score reports for each Domain
    • ESSA Equity Plan Results
      Attendance Reports
    • Technology Usage Reports
    • T-TESS Evaluation Scores
  • community Engagement
    • Increase Community Relationships
    • Strengthen Effective Communications
    • Feature partnerships in community Provide support to Education Foundation and Partners In Education
    • Implement projects that promote overall health and wellness
    • Actively celebrate district success on all available platforms
    • Provide timely and urgent communications Involvement of all stakeholders in planning and decision-making
    • Alumni recognitions and reports
    • Partners in Education reports
    • Be Well Baytown project reports
    • Data analytics on website & social media
    • Communications notifications
    • Annual Report
  • wrench
    • Maintain and Improve Facilities
    • Provide a Safe and Secure Environment
    • Implement energy-efficient programs
    • Continue a Preventative Maintenance (PM) program on equipment
    • Implement strategies that promote safety & security on campuses
    • Provide effective threat assessment training for staff & perform all required safety drills
    • Increase police and security officer staff as needed & host Emergency Operations training
    • Audit reports on energy efficiency
    • Reports on safety incidents
      Internal & External Safety Audits
      Documentation on safety drills
      Funding sources for additional police and security
  • ribbon
    • Recruit highly qualified staff who strive for excellence
    • Increase Teacher Retention and Employee Job Satisfaction
    • Utilize our featured programs and local partnerships to recruit and retain high quality teaching staff
    • Research and implement an Employee Organizational Health Inventory
    • Continue to strengthen our New Teacher Mentor Program
    • Offer a total compensation package for staff
    • Recruitment reports from identified programs and systems
    • Enrollment in Clinical Student programs
    • Organizational Health Survey results and action plans
    • Staff retention and absence reports
    • Salary comparison data
  • Documents
    • Maintain a 25% or more operating reserve budget
    • Maintain our AAA or higher rating
    • Adopt a balanced budget at the operating level on an annual basis
    • Develop and maintain long-range capital improvement plan
    • Consider all cost savings and operating efficiency options
    • Receive and unmodified opinion on the audited Annual Financial Report
    • Review financial metrics for superior ratings
    • Fund balance reports
    • Acquisition of capital assets & improvements
    • Operating expenditures per student
    • Instructional expenditures per student
    • Bond, FIRST, and annual audit reports

Citizens Bond Advisory Committee