2018-2019 News and Information
2019 Summer Reading: Pre-AP & AP English

“Have you ever heard of a group of musicians who rehearsed every day from September through June, but then took a three-month summer vacation without practicing at all? Or of professional athletes who never exercised during the off-season?” ~Boulay and Fairchild, 2002, p. 3.


Summer Reading Goals:

  • Increase exposure to culturally diverse and award-winning literature
  • Develop reading skills that foster comprehension and critical thinking
  • Promote independent reading, inquiry, and life-long reading habits
  • Establish a foundation for Pre-AP and AP discussions


TEXT SELECTION (Before Reading)

Each grade level offers three books that students may choose from for summer reading. Students will choose ONE book from their grade-level list.


Download text selection list. Page 2


TASKS (During Reading)

Over the summer, students will read their chosen book and complete ALL of the following:

  • Summarize each chapter.
  • Make connections between the text and your own life.
  • Ask questions as you read.
  • Why do characters make certain choices?
  • Why does the author include specific details?
  • What is the book saying about our world or mankind? And so on.


ASSESSMENT (After Reading)

During the first three weeks of school, students will complete an assessment directly related to their summer reading. The type of assessment will be determined at the campus level, and the assessment will count as a major grade for the first six weeks.