Aligned Efforts Bring Positive Results

As we begin the second six weeks of the school year, I hope you’ve gotten into somewhat of a routine to help you achieve a life balance. As I visit schools, I can tell that everyone is working hard and, as always, good things are happening all over the district.

O'Brien Photo

One addition to our district, thanks to our board of trustees, is our new GCCISD Employee Wellness Clinic, which is free to all fulltime employees. This is a great incentive to help keep our staff healthy as well as increase attendance, and I certainly appreciate everyone who worked to make this happen.


Speaking of focusing on attendance, I’m pleased to see the attendance banners on your campuses, and I know how hard everyone is working to make students and their families aware of the importance of being at school every day possible. It’s not hard to see the correlation between student attendance and academic achievement as we also work to improve our own attendance for the benefit of increased quality instruction.


The first Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) met for the first time to hear the overview of the 2019 Bond. Several projects are already underway, and as with all construction projects, planning is first, followed by design and then construction. We expect Junior High #6 and the replacement school for San Jacinto Elementary to be the first big projects in 2019-2020, with completion in fall 2021. Many smaller projects will be initiated this year. The bond will be spread out over the next four years with completion of all projects expected by summer 2023.


Fall sports are well underway with success across the district in volleyball, football cross country and tennis. Watch for information about live broadcasts of many of our events through our partnership with VYPE. Many of our athletic programs were featured in the August 2019 VYPE magazine.


Our fine arts programs were showcased in our convocations and school startups across the district. We welcome our new leadership for fine arts, special education and many sports programs.


While knocking on wood, I would like to share that it has been the smoothest start to a school year during my tenure, and we cannot be more excited about our academic accomplishments and the support we receive from our board of trustees, our parents and our community. I’m especially proud of the partnerships with the City of Baytown as well as with our industrial partners, since our region is experiencing some of the fastest growth in the nation. The economy may be good, but I attribute the success of Baytown to the focus on excellence in a true desire to improve our entire region for the benefit of the families who live here.


To our staff, thank you for getting us started off on such a good note! I look forward to all that we can accomplish as our efforts are aligned, working in sync toward a greater future for all.