2019-2020 GCCISD News Events
100th Day of School Celebrations
Student in parade


Derek Martinez (front) and Alley Quintana join the 100 Day Parade at Alamo Elementary.

Student holds 100th day tree poster


Jaylin Reynaga shows off her tree of 100 hearts during Alamo Elementary School’s 100 Day Parade in celebration of the 100th day of school in Goose Creek CISD.

Student holds house with 100 birds


Jayden Romero’s birdcage, made for the 100th Day Parade at Alamo Elementary, houses 100 birds celebrating the 100th day of school for Goose Creek CISD.

Students holds beehive with 100 bees


Bee-ware of Khoner Romero’s beehive full of 100 bees, buzzing about the 100th day of school at Alamo Elementary.

Students show off 100 day shirts


San Jacinto Elementary students (from left) Trent Williams, Rozelyn Vargas and Andrew Rivas Kinder show off their shirts on the 100th day of school for Goose Creek CISD.

Student completes 100 day assignment


Kaily Perez from San Jacinto Elementary works on an assignment about the 100th day of school.

Student counts 100 puff balls


Ruby Villarreal from San Jacinto Elementary counted the 100 puffballs on her shirt in honor of the 100th day of the school year.

Students reads to teacher


San Jacinto Elementary student Giancarlos Hernandez (right) reads for his teacher Norma Garcia on Goose Creek CISD’s 100th day of school.