2019-2020 GCCISD News Events
GCCISD Elementary UIL
Victoria Walker UIL Team


Victoria Walker Elementary’s 5th Grade UIL Music Memory team members (from left) Adison Escobedo, Aiden Lemus, Ava Martinez and Rachel Lara, under the direction of teacher Meagan Taylor, show off their 1st place medals.




Austin UIL Team


Stephen F. Austin Elementary’s 2nd Grade Creative Writing team of (from left) Evie Davis (2nd place) and Emma Arreola (6th place) took 1st place as a team at the recent Elementary UIL competition under the direction of teacher Susan Hillin.




Crockett UIL Team

Fourth Grade UIL Art Memory Contest students from Crockett Elementary (from left) Camden Aiken, Hannah Nelson, Alyssa Lewis and Angel Ruiz display their 1st place team medals. JoAnn Fenley was the UIL campus coordinator.



GCCISD Elementary UIL


By: Susan Passmore


Goose Creek’s annual Elementary UIL Academic Tournament was held January 24th at Sterling High School with 695 2nd-5th grade students competing in twenty-one events. Students from all elementary schools with 2nd-5th graders competed.


Sterling High School Auditorium was also the event location for the UIL Awards Ceremony held on January 31st. Individual medals were awarded in creative writing, dictionary skills, listening skills, number sense, oral reading, ready writing, spelling, storytelling, and maps, graphs and charts. Team medals were awarded for art memory and music memory. Schools also received trophies for first through third place in each event. Certificates for perfect individual scores were awarded to 15 students.


The event was a district wide competition coordinated by the Goose Creek Advanced Academics department with individual campus coordinators and event coaches as well as event directors, judges, graders, time-keepers and monitors. Winning students and teams were announced by Dr. Melissa Duarte, deputy superintendent of curriculum and instruction.


Winners in 2nd Grade Creative Writing were Xaviele Glaang, Victoria Walker, 1st; Evie Davis, Austin, 2nd; Gael Valverde, Carver, 3rd; Annalise Gonzales, Travis, 4th; Kendall Holmes, Crockett, 5th and Emma Areolla, Austin, 6th. Second Grade Spelling winners were Brooke Heaney, Victoria Walker, Rayne Dubouzet, Clark, Oscar Sanchez, Crockett. 4th place; Mallorie Landy, Crockett. 5th place, Colin Pucell, Victoria Walker, Ana Oraozco, Clark, received 6th. Second Grade Storytelling winners were Alyssa Sanchez, Clark, 1st; Abigail McNabb, Banuelos, 2nd; Carlos Zamora, Carver, 3rd; Levi Kleinhenz, Victoria Walker, 4th; Ryleigh Selllman, Victoria Walker, 5th; Mariano Mato, Ashbel Smith, 6th; Zoe Higginbotham, Austin, 7th, and Sonny Lopez, Lamar, 8th.


Third Grade Ready Writing winners were Kaelyn Nesselrode, Crockett, 1st; Vanessa Estrada, Harlem, 2nd; Daniela Paz, Alamo, 3rd; Ayvah Conder, Alamo, 4th; Dean Smith, Austin, 5th and Caesar Ramos, Lamar, 6th. Spelling winners from third grade were Brendan Benyshek, Clark and Anay Gupta, Victoria Walker, both tied for 1st; Kara Beroo, Victoria Walker, 3rd place; Layla Chapa, Harlem, Faith Palomares, Carver, Romello Cortez, Alamo all tied for 4th. Winners in 3rd Grade Storytelling were Rafael Hernandez, Harlem, 1st; Braxton Davis, Crockett, 2nd; Ryan McRee, Austin, 3rd; Ja’Kayla Griffith, Travis, 4th; Brenning Ford, Victoria Walker, 5th; Virginia Aguilar, Ashbel Smith, 6th; Chelsy Knox, Highlands, 7th and Jeffery Gonzalez, Crockett, 8th.


Fourth grade winners in Number Sense were Alex Romeo, Lamar, 1st; Ananya Sood, Victoria Walker, 2nd; Mia Villareal, Lamar, 3rd; Advita Shinde, Victoria Walker, 4th; Waylon Wells, Austin, 5th and Tillman Lattimore, Alamo, 6th. Fourth grade Oral Reading winners were Malaika Vigier, Bowie, 1st; Clara Symmons, Crockett, 2nd; Mackinzie Reynolds, Austin, 3rd; Kayleigh Strubhart, Travis, 4th; Nalani Henderson, Carver, 5th; Brooke Gatson, Highlands, 6th; Emilia Andrade, Alamo, 7th and Jade Rachal, Lamar, 8th. Ready Writing winners from 4th grade were Evan Harlow, Clark, 1st; Emily Sistos, Bowie, 2nd; Josselin Rodriguez, Lamar, 3rd; Jonathan Alavarez, Alamo, 4th; Ainsley Benoit, Austin, 5th and Gisselle Aguilar, San Jacinto, 6th. Fourth grade Spelling winners were Miley Ondep (perfect paper) , Banuelos, 1st; Troy Gnagy-Martinez, Bowie, 2nd Sadvi Koora, Walker, 3rd; Maahi Singh, Banuelos, 4th; Sofia Gallegos, Highlands, 5th and Joshua Cook, Travis, 6th. Fifth grade category winners were Jodie Hazell, Alamo, 1st; Emma Parker, Clark, 2nd; Julian Perez, Bañuelos, 3rd; Veya Smith, Austin, 4th; Byanca Ybarra, Bañuelos, 5th and Jefferson Rodriguez, Crockett, 6th, in Dictionary Skills. In 5th Grade Listening Skills, winners were Ann Byas, Alamo, 1st; America Martinez, Lamar, 2nd; Emily Hunter, Austin, 3rd; Ashley Padilla, Harlem, 4th; Gabriel West, Crockett, 5th and Trigg Arthur, Clark, 6th; Fifth grade winners in the Maps, Graphs and Charts category were Karsyn Purcell, Walker, 1st; Lyla Thompson, Highlands, 2nd; Oziel Cardenas, Crockett, 3rd; Brenda Gonzalez, Carver, 4th; Emiliano Montenegro, Austin, 5th and Damian Brown, Clark, 6th. In the 5th Grade Number Sense category, winners were Nikita Gupta, Walker, 1st; Andy Zamudio, Carver, 2nd; Audel Herrera, Crockett, 3rd; Natalia Paz, Alamo, 4th; Santana Alfaro, Lamar, 5th and Milagros Barajas, Lamar, 6th.


Fifth Grade Oral Reading winners were London Merling, Austin, 1st; Kamari Thompson, Crockett, 2nd; Elena Foster, Crockett, 3rd; Addison Juarez, Austin, 4th; Debora Marquez, Clark, 5th; Hadassah Ramirez, Harlem, 6th; Estefany Garces, Alamo, 7th and Joana Valencia, Alamo, 8th. Ready Writing Winners in 5th grade were Ethan Perez, Travis, 1st; Aileen Flores-Herrera, Carver, 2nd; Meghan Griffin, Crockett, 3rd; Ezequiel Garcia, Alamo, 4th; Sloane Berklund, Clark, 5th and Silas Salyer, Clark, 6th. Fifth Grade Spelling Winners were Celine Khan, Walker, 1st; Sergio Magana, DeZavala, 2nd; Vivian Martinez, Harlem, 3rd; Addison Watson, Clark, 4th; Anthony DePalma, Austin, 5th and Jeremiah Vialva, Harlem, 6th.


In the 4th Grade Art Memory category, the team of Alyssa Lewis, Hannah Nelson, Angel Ruiz, Camden Aiken from Crockett placed 1st. Arnel Zalamea (perfect score) and Nicolette Peralta (perfect score), Gabriella Russell, Kingston Thompson (perfect score) from Alamo placed 2nd. Walker’s team of John David Bloom, Madilynn Salinas, Lucas Love, Valeria Chavarria and Jasmyn Lewis placed 3rd. Banuelos’ team of Sophia Fuentes, Camilla Salgado and Janiya Williams, placed 4th. Christopher Brown, Isaac Lopez, Isaias Flores, Julian Ortega and Lucas Garza from San Jacinto placed 5th. Lamar’s team of Jaqueline Andrade, Irma Gutierrez and Melany Ruiz placed 6th.


Fourth Grade Music Memory winners were Annlee Dixon, Itzel Morfin and Michael Rubio from Ashbel Smith placed 1st place. Second place winners from Victoria Walker were Kirra Wisniske, Sage Rodriguez and Jacob Evans. Crockett’s team of Renny Longtime and Ashley Eden, Mia Valencia, Yaletzy Torres and Londyn Martinez placed 3rd.Micaela Garcia, Kain McDaniel and Mahi Patel, from Clark placed 4th. San Jacinto’s Juan Chavez, Valeria Avalos, Sofia Ceja, Sasha Perez and Gwenneth Ringham placed 5th. Highlands’ team, Tomas Arraia, Keegan McGee and Allison Gonzalez placed 6th.


Fifth Grade Music Memory winners were Walker’s team of Adison Escobedo, Aiden Lemus, Ava Martinez and Rachel Lara placed 1st, and Austin’s team of Maddox Perry, Andrew Meismer and Alaina Lopez placed 2nd. Lamar’s team of Jourdan White, Dalilah Perez, Melanie Torres and Brianna Granados placed 3rd. From Ashbel Smith, Gabriella Mendieta and Kierstyn Arriaga, placed 4th. Bowie’s team of Trinitee Frederick, Genesis Hernandez and Ingrid Perez placed 5th, and Crockett’s team of Sam Johnson, Aiden Barajas, Alyssa Cardenas and Jacob Cantin, placed 6th.


Fifth Grade Art Memory winners were Kylie Nesselrode, Journie Farnsworth (perfect score), Kya Lawson and Raegan Nichols (perfect score) from Crockett, 1st, and Bowie’s team of Taylor Fisher (perfect score), Dayanara Sanchez (perfect score), Yarianys Oquendo (perfect score), Airam Pacheco and Ronnie Kimble (perfect score), 2nd. Alamo team of Breanna Deleon (perfect score), Rebecca Fabian (perfect score) Zayleigh Sayers, Abbie Waltman and Aubrie Waltman (both perfect scores) placed 3rd. The team of Emani Davis, Jair Amaro and Lucio Riojas (perfect score) from Travis placed 4th. Highlands team of Jamarri Harris, Taradevi Sookaran and Nicholas Knoebel received 5th, and San Jacinto’s team of Camila Alvarez, Eymard Bustamante, Ingrid Jimenez, Mauro Garza and Zuleima Ramos placed 6th.


School trophies for 2nd Grade Creative Writing went to Austin, 1st; Victoria Walker, 2nd and Carver, 3rd. Second Grade Spelling trophies were awarded to Crockett, 1st; Victoria Walker, 2nd and Clark 3rd. Second grade Storytelling trophies went to Clark, 1st; Victoria Walker, 2nd and Bañuelos, 3rd.


For 3rd Grade Ready Writing, trophies went to Alamo, 1st; Crockett, 2nd and San Harlem, 3rd. Third Grade Spelling trophies were received by Walker, 1st; Clark, 2nd and Alamo, Carver and Harlem tied for 3rd. For 3rd Grade Storytelling, Harlem took 1st; Crockett, 2nd and Austin took 3rd.


Trophies for 4th Grade Art went to Crockett, 1st; Alamo, 2nd and Victoria Walker, 3rd. For Spelling, trophies went to Banuelos, 1st; Bowie, 2nd and Victoria Walker, 3rd. Fourth Grade Ready Writing trophies went to Clark, 1st; Bowie, 2nd and Lamar, 3rd. Music Memory trophies went to Ashbel Smith, 1st; Victoria Walker, 2nd and Crockett, 3rd. Oral Reading trophies were awarded to Bowie, 1st, and Crockett, 2nd ; Austin, 3rd. Number Sense trophies went to Lamar, 1st; Victoria Walker, 2nd and Austin, 3rd.


Fifth Grade Spelling trophies went to Walker, 1st; Harlem, 2nd and DeZavala, 3rd. Ready Writing trophies went to Travis, 1st; Carver, 2nd and Clark and Crockett tied for 3rd. Fifth Grade Oral Reading trophies were awarded to Austin, 1st; Crockett, 2nd and Clark, 3rd. Dictionary Skills trophies went to Banuelos, 1st; Alamo, 2nd and Clark, 3rd. Art trophies went to Crockett, 1st; Bowie, 2nd and Alamo, 3rd. Listening Skills trophies went to Alamo, 1st; Lamar, 2nd and Austin, 3rd. Maps, Graphs and Charts trophies went to Walker, 1st; Highlands, 2nd and Crockett, 3rd. Music Memory trophies went to Victoria Walker, 1st; Austin, 2nd and Lamar, 3rd. Number Sense trophies were awarded to Victoria Walker, 1st; Carver, 2nd and Lamar and Crockett tied for 3rd.